Mezametara Chikashitsu!? – Chapter 127

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Investigation Starts
This is a room in the mansion of Branka’s Feudal Lord.
Currently in the room, there was a man, the Feudal Lord and a beautiful woman——the Adventurer’s Guild’s receptionist, Fleur.

“Zaran-sama, thank you very much for granting my wish.” (Fleur)

“What~ I just can’t say no to you. Well, I only told the bandits about some noble kids. You were clever for rewriting the address of the request.” (Zaran)

“Fufu… it’s late to ask this, but will it be all right? Those brats were of the Ducal faily~~” (Fleur)

“Those kids were just adopted. Different from blood relatives, they were just some brats born from some unknown horse, the Prime Minister had to be confused when he took them in. Rather than that…” (Zaran)

“Zaran-sama.” (Fleur)

“You are going to reward me for granting your wish, no?… Fleur.” (Zaran)

“Naturally.” (Did those impudent kids became slaves about now, I wonder? That’s a punishment you get for rejecting me! Still, becoming the lover of the Feudal Lord was the right choice. As expected, I couldn’t touch the kids of the nobility on my own. But, the opponents are of the Faust family, my lover role is going to end today just in case. It’s unfortunate since our bodies have a good affinity, but I don’t want to get dragged into the mess.) Fleur

It appears that this time incident was initiated by Fleur.
The Feudal Lord Zaran laid his hands on Fleur with the intentions of removing her clothes, but he got interrupted.

“Master! Master!”

“Tch… what! You are interrupting!” (Zaran)

“F, forgive me! However, you have guests!”

“Guests? So senseless coming at this time… just who is it!” (Zaran)

“I, it’s… His Majesty’s younger brother, Austin-sama!”

“What!?… Just what does the fool who left the royalty on his own want? … Understood. I will prepare so lead him to a guest room.” (Zaran)

“Y, yes!”

“Geez, at a time like this… Fleur~ return for now. Let’s enjoy ourselves tomorrow.” (Zaran)

“Yes, I understand, Zaran-sama.” (Royalty? If I am not mistaken, he’s the S-ranked… I wanted to meet him, but I have to give up this time. It’s unfortunate, but there’s no tomorrow for us. Farewell, Zaran-sama) Fleur

Fleur left, Zaran dressed himself and went to the room where Austin waited.
A boy in his teens was sitting on the sofa with Austin while an attendant-like man stood behind them.

“Good to see you, Austin-sama. Is there something you need from me?” (Hmph… someone who threw away the name of royalty and an S-ranked adventurer on top of that. Should be easy to deal with, though.) Zaran

“Count Kremer, I apologize for the sudden visit. However, we need to borrow your power no matter what.” (Austin)

“My power? Just what is going on?” (Zaran)

“Actually… ah, let me introduce him to you before that.” (Austin)

“Him?” (Come to think of it, who is this youngster?) Zaran

When Zaran directed his gaze towards the youngster sitting next to Austin, Austin introduced the boy with an evil smile.

“He is Faust family’s second son, Nathan.” (Austin)

“… It’s my honor to meet you. I am Branka’s Feudal Lord, Zaran Kremer.” (W, what is the meaning of this! Why is Faust family here!) Zaran

“How do you do, I am Nathan Faust.” (As expected, he won’t show it on his face. He’s a Count even if rotten to the core… seems like it could get amusing a little.) Nathan

“I am Nathan’s escort this time.” (Whoa, that expression is the spitting image of Claude. My condolences… you reap what you sow, though.) Austin

Looking at Nathan who was watching Zaran who must have been shaken inwardly but showed no signs outwardly, Austin recalled something and shivered.
Zaran decided to contain his inward unrest and inquired cautiously.

“And so, what happened?” (Zaran)

“Actually, two children of the Faust family and their guards went missing. We are certain they were last seen in this town, but we don’t know the way around.” (Nathan)

“That’s… the Prime Minister must be very worried.” (Zaran)

“Yes, originally, Miguel was supposed to come to greet you, but although adopted, those two are very dear to Father, and he was quite pleased with the guard too… Thinking about Father’s temperament, I don’t want to even think about what he may do… that’s why Elder brother stayed with Father.” (Nathan)

“V, very dear… with circumstances like these, it cannot be helped.” (So they weren’t just adopted!? This is bad…) Zaran

“However, Elder brother treasures the two as well, so I am not sure how effective his ability to deter Father from acting is. You never know what we, the Faust family do to those who act against us, after all. Ah, of course, that includes me as well.” (Nathan)

“!?” (Zaran)

“That’s why I was requested by Elder brother to go as well. It’s dangerous to take eyes off these guys.” (Austin)

“Eh, His Majesty is involved too!?” (Just another family’s brats, why!?) Zaran

Being watched by the smiling Nathan, Zaran had difficulty breathing.
He looked somewhat unwell but hearing Austin’s words, it immediately showed on his face.
Looking at Zaran acting like that with a cold gaze, Nathan continued talking.

“His Majesty was there too when Father sensed troubled, so. Ah, Lewis-dono was there too.” (Nathan)

“Wha? Se, sensed?” (Zarna)

“Haha… please don’t mind it. And so, I am sorry, but we would like to stay here during the search.” (Nathan)

“Eh!?… Y, yes, of course, I don’t mind! I will prepare rooms immediately, so wait just for a moment!” (Shit! I have to inform those guys!) Zaran

“One room is enough.” (Austin)

“Yes!” (Zaran)

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