Mezametara Chikashitsu!? – Chapter 128.5

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Perfect Preparations
“Still, you did well gathering so much evidence.” (Sandro)

“That’s because that incompetent fellow went to sleep without taking any measures even though people of the family he had kidnapped came to visit. I searched slowly and carefully.” (Nathan)

“Were there no lookouts?” (Sandro)

“They were here, but even so, they were irrelevant. I vanished from sight by using a magic tool.” (Nathan)

“Magic tool?” (Sandro)

“Yep, a magic tool that completely erases one’s figure that Feli made. That thing was convenient, indeed~ They really did not notice me at all.” (Nathan)

“Thanks to that, we found the evidence of the priest’s involvement too.” (Austin)

“Well, that’s also because there must have been no Beastmen like me. They would notice your scent or sounds.” (Blake)

“As I thought, the sound and smell is the problem, huh~ is it necessary to upgrade it? It went well this time, but it would be dangerous if you got exposed by scent as Blake-san said.” (Felice)

“But, what would you bestow it with?” (Albert)

“Hmm~… Deodorization and Silence?” (Felice)

“That might be good. Luckily, you are still visible to your comrades and there are no problems with using telepathy or the communication magic tool too.” (Albert)

“If I am not mistaken, the effect of Stealth is also protected against magical power detection, right? All that’s left would be a skill that sees through another’s thoughts or similar magic, but there aren’t many who have these abilities. Ain’t this the perfect tool for assassination?” (Gai)


Seeing Felice and others nod to Gai’s words, Sandro’s mouth flapped open and closed.

“Wa, wait up! Not, wait a moment please! I have never heard of a magic toot like that! Moreover, she made it!? That child did!?” (Sandro)

“Yes!” (Felice)

“Why are you so surprised? Do you perhaps want it?” (Albert)

“That’s not it!” (Sandro)

“It would take Feli only a few minutes to make, but we can’t hand it to just anyone.” (Gai)

“Naturally! A national treasure like that… I might desire a little… no, I don’t want it! That’s not it!” (Sandro)

“Wha! Do you perhaps… I won’t be assassinating anybody!” (Felice)

“I know! But, I didn’t mean that either!” (Sandro)

“””Ehh~””” (Felice, Albert & Gai)

“Eh? Am I the weird one here?” (Sandro)

Felice was replying seriously, but Albert and Gai were obviously amused by Sandro’s reactions.
Blake who found him pitiful clapped his hand on Sandro’s shoulder and shook his head to him.

“Don’t think too deeply. You are normal. It’s fine, you will get used to it in due time.” (Blake)

“… I don’t want to get used to it.” (Sandro)

“Sandro, in life, it’s also important to know when to surrender.” (Blake)

Hearing Blake’s words, Sandro lowered his head in defeat.
Despite that, Felice and others were confirming the future course of actions.

“Miguel Oniisama, do we now just wait for the guards from the Capital to come?” (Felice)

“Normally, the people involved would be investigated in the place where the crime occurred, but there is someone else involved with them, after all.” (Miguel)

“Regretfully, we do not have the authority. Yes, it’s truly regretful.” (Nathan)

“You said it twice. Even if you say we don’t have the authority, Claude made the bandits spit out nearly everything back in their hideout.” (Gai)

“Tousama was so lively then~… he slowly savored their despair as they were on the brink of death and life while crushing their hope.” (Albert)

When Albert started talking about Claude, Gai had a bad feeling so he promptly blocked Felice’s ears.
To confirm, Austin asked while frowning.

“Oy, oy, he didn’t do that in front of Feli, did he?” (Austin)

“It’s fine, Austin. Feli was engrossed with fluff at that time.” (Gai)

“… That bastard furball.” (Albert)

“Why are you covering my ears? Gai~” (Felice)

“Sorry, sorry. And so, the Feudal Lord’s will become the gathering place of officials when the guards arrive, right?” (Gai)

Austin replied exhaustedly to the jovial Gai who separated his hands from Felice’s ears.

“It will have to. He will be taken to the Capital where he will get judged after confessing to the evidence we have on him.” (Austin)

“We will do lots of stuff to him at his home then. Lots.” (Nathan)

“Nathan…“ (Austin)

“It will be fine, Uncle. We will squeeze it out from everyone.” (Miguel)

“Miguel… “ (Austin)

“I will take part in it too.” (Albert)

“Al…” (Austin)

“Me too~ Feli, you go play with V in the meanwhile.” (Gai)

“Is that alright! Yaay~!” (Felice)

“I think I am good, actually. I will stay with Feli.” (Albert)


“Pupu… y, you have no composure…” (Gai)

“Shuddup!” (Albert)

“So you want to mofumofu too, Al!” (Felice)

“Y, yeah……… that shitty furball.” (Albert)

At the same time Albert whispered, the fur of Wilhelm who was instructed by Gai to wait in a different place was dozing off suddenly stood up, so Zoe who was staying in the nearby shade of a tree called out to him.

“Is something wrong?” (Zoe)

“No… it seems that I dozed off and dreamed for a little.” (Wilhelm)

“Dreamed?” (Zoe)

“Yeah, it was a dream of someone ominous plucking off my fur. Hah~ I am glad it was just a dream.” (Wilhelm)

“… A dream, huh… I wish that dream won’t come true then…” (Zoe)

Zoe’s last words as she recalled Albert’s appearances when Felice was buried in Wilhelm’s fur didn’t reach him.
A short time later, Miguel was contacted and Felice and others headed to the Feudal Lord’s mansion with the people in the incident involved.

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