Mezametara Chikashitsu!? – Chapter 131.5

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Can’t Escape
“Who!?” “Who is it!?”

“According to their expectations, huh…”

“What are you muttering to yourself! I asked who you are!” (Fleur)

“My name is Zoe. Don’t worry. I won’t do anything to you. I’m just confining you.” (Zoe)

“Confining us?” (Fleur)

“Oy, that’s a Dragon Beastman! We are not her opponents! Let’s run!” (Priest)

“Got it!” (Fleur)

The Priest broke into a run and Fleur followed, but Zoe only quietly looked on as they run.
That’s because they were running towards another opponent… who also had the duty of confining them.


“Hii!?” (Fleur)

“S, Silver Wolf!?” (Priest)

“Don’t be ridiculous! The size is too different!” (Fleur)

“That’s right~ Don’t be comparing my cute pet to a monster like that.”
“”…… Who!?”” (Fleur & Priest)

When they looked towards the voice that interrupted them all of sudden, they saw Gai standing and smiling next to Zoe.

“You are… Gai, right?” (Fleur)

“Gai? Who are you!” (Priest)

“Lord! Don’t call me like that! I am absolutely not cute! I am cool!” (Wilhelm)

“”It spoke!?”” (Fleur & Priest)

“N~?” (Gai)

When Wilhelm ignored Fleur and the Priest who were shocked by the speaking monster and raised a complaint, Gai stared at Wilhelm in a deep ponder.
At the end of his gaze, contrastive to the angry face, there was a fluffy tail violently wagging from side to side.
Even though complaints escape from his mouth, he must be happy to be praised by his Lord.
Disregarding that the word of praise used was “cute.”
Gai turned towards Zoe who was standing beside him and pointed at Wilhelm’s tail.

“He’s cute, right?” (Gai)

“… Indeed.” (Zoe)

“Nuga!? Even you, Zoe! I’m a Fenrir! I’m strong, gallant and cool!” (Wilhelm)

“Yes, yes. You are cool, so cool.” (Gai)

“That’s too unserious!” (Wilhelm)

“Now, now.” (Zoe)

Zoe patted Wilhelm who objected in shock.
Gai turned towards Fleur and the Priest who were still dumbfounded and spoke to them.

“Oy~ I would like to continue our discussion, so return back already.” (Gai)

“W, why are you here…” (Fleur)

“Indeed. Where should I start… well, putting it simply, we predicted you going to Celsior. We didn’t expect the Priest to be with you, though.” (Gai)

“You are lying!” (Fleur)

“I’m not. Firstly, you have escaped from a cautiously watched Feudal Lord’s mansion. That would normally be impossible. But, we knew it was possible for you. That’s why we had adventurers standing on alert near the gate. We hoped you would recruit them as your guards. Well, they would follow you even if you didn’t hire them, though.” (Gai)

“No way… but, why are you targeting me?” (Fleur)

“Don’t play dumb. When we had a contact at the Adventurer’s Guild, you have used the Charm skill on us, didn’t you?” (Gai)

“!? T, that’s right. I used it! People did as I wished when I used it on them, but it didn’t work on you guys!” (Fleur)

“There’s no way something like that would work on us. But, using that is no good.” (Gai)

“Hmph! It didn’t work anyway!” (Fleur)

“It certainly didn’t. But you see… you have tried using it on my precious Lord. It wasn’t effective? That doesn’t matter!” (Gai)

“Hii!?” (Fleur)

Facing the wrath and bloodthirst she never experienced before, Fleur was trembling all over, while the Priest already fainted from fear.

“In truth, I would like to deal with you myself, but your testimony is needed to settle this incident. That’s why I won’t kill you. I will take you to another place for interrogation.” (Gai)

“I, interrogation!?” (Fleur)

“You better prepare. There’s a tremendously angry fellow waiting for you there.” (Gai)

“N, no, don’t!” (Fleur)

Gai approached Fleur, grabbed her by hand and transferred.
The place he moved to was the Faust mansion, right before the person of his objective, but everyone there stopped moving.


Gai averted his gaze not long before being stared at by Olivia who was pouring tea and Samantha who was happily stuffing her cheeks with a donut.
Within the silence, the first one to make a move was Samantha who gulped down the donut, took a sip of tea and spoke up as if nothing happened.

“Welcome back, Gai. You finished fast.” (Samantha)

“Y, yeah. I will be leaving this fellow with you then!” (Gai)

“Oh my, you can take it a little bit slowlier, no?” (Samantha)

“No, I have to return fast! It’s fine! I have not seen anything!” (Gai)

“My, oh my, ufufufu…” (Samantha)

“I did not see, I did not see! I have not seen you eating sweets outside the time you’ve set, so stop getting close to me!” (Gai)

“Ufufufu… that’s not good Gai, I won’t let you leave until the memories of what you have seen are thoroughly erased!” (Samantha)

“Gya-! Stop using the transfer obstructing magic tool! Olivia, don’t keep watching on and help me!” (Gai)

“………” (Olivia)

“Why are you averting your gaze!?” (Gai)

“That won’t work! That child is my accomplice, after all!” (Samantha)

“What!?” (Gai)

Gai who looked at Olivia after hearing Samantha’s words saw crumbles of a donut sticking near her mouth.
Olivia who noticed his gaze quickly wiped off the crumbles with a handkerchief.

“You-! Feli, save me! I am fine with you too, Al~!” (Gai)

Gai’s scream, unfortunately, didn’t reach anyone.

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