Mezametara Chikashitsu!? – Chapter 131

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Can’t Escape
When Felice and others looked towards the source of the angry voice, they saw Zaran kneeling before Claude.

“You are unreasonably stubborn. We will hear your excuses in the Royal Palace. Take him.” (Claude)

“Now! Stand up!”

“Wait a moment, please! It was not my doing! It’s that woman… it’s Fleur’s fault! I did it because Fleur told me to! And yet, why am I being treated like this!” (Zaran)

“That’s enough. You are a Feudal Lord. A Feudal Lord who is supposed to protect the lives of the citizens of the fief won’t be forgiven for harming the innocent people for whatever reason!” (Claude)

“Hi!?… It’s not… my fault… not my…” (Zaran)

Zaran who got remonstrated by Claude got dragged away while muttering to himself.
Just when Claude unconsciously rubbed his glabella, the Knight Commander rushed over.

“Lord Prime Minister!” (Knight Commander)

“What is it?” (Claude)

“Something worrying occurred.” (Knight Commander)

“Something worrying?” (Claude)

“Yes. Actually, the Feudal Lord of Celsior who was in collusion with Zaran Kremer had also mentioned ‘that woman’ and ‘Fleur’ while being dragged away.” (Knight Commander)

“… I see. Either way, that woman will be dragged into the Capital as the main suspect.” (Claude)

“Is that so!? However…” (Knight Commander)

“What’s the matter?” (Claude)

“I have instructed my subordinates to bring her over a little while ago, but they reported that they couldn’t find that woman, Fleur, anywhere!” (Knight Commander)

“Ahh, no need to worry. We will deal with that ourselves, you guys return with Kremer to the Royal Palace first.” (Claude)

“Understood!” (Knight Commander)

Seeing the Knight Commander off after he saluted, Claude turned to Gai.

“Can I leave it to you, Gai?” (Claude)

“Yeah. Leave that woman to me. Still, she took action just as expected~ what a foolish woman.” (Gai)

“Gai, are you really going alone?” (Felice)

“Feli, it’s Gai, he will be fine by himself.” (Albert)

“It’s as Al said. We caught the Feudal Lord, but there’s still one thing you ought to settle, right? There’s no need to waste everyone’s time on that woman.” (Gai)

“… Okay. Be careful.” (Felice)

“Ou!” (Gai)

Claude and others apparently expected Fleur’s actions as it has been decided for Gai to act on his own beforehand.
Gai rustled the hair of the worried Felice and disappeared.
Albert tightly grasped the hand of Felice who was staring at the place Gai disappeared from.

“Feli, it annoys me to admit it, but Gai is strong. Let’s leave that to him and do what we can do.” (Albert)

“… Yeah!” (Felice)

Felice gave a big nod to Albert and the two started running to Gray and others while holding hands. Miguel and Nathan followed after them from behind.
At the same time, Fleur who disappeared came out of the forest, heading towards the gate of the neighboring town of Celsior.
She was walking with a middle-aged man of good physique on her side, while several adventurers followed slightly behind them.
The middle-aged man spoke to Fleur with a displeased expression.

“Start explaining already. We were supposed to get offerings from Count Kremer today. You know of that too, right?”

“Hmph… what offerings? It’s just money for introducing slaves, no? You are just selling poor orphans as slaves, who are you trying to kid, Priest? You should be grateful to me.” (Fleur)

“Grateful?” (Priest)

“The country’s knights are currently at that mansion. Zaran has been caught. Of course, the Celsior’s Feudal Lord too.” (Fleur)

“What are you saying!? Just why… surely not!” (Priest)

“Yes, everything has been exposed. The bandits, the kidnappings, and the slaves too, everything. They probably know about the orphanage’s money too.” (FLeur)

“That can’t be… oy, why are we going to Celsior then? The Feudal Lord had been caught, right?” (Priest)

“Your tone has changed, fake Lord Priest.” (Fleur)

“Shut up! Quickly explain to me!” (Priest)

“Stop shouting at me. Listen, okay? Celsior’s Feudal Lord has been taken away. Therefore, there are no Knights remaining in Celsior. Besides, they wouldn’t think that we, who are involved in the case would head to Celsior.” (Fleur)

“Hmph, I see. And so, what are we going to do after this?” (Priest)

“Think for yourself a little, would you? Well, fine. Once we are in Celsi-!?” (Fleur)

“What? What’s the matter?” (Priest)

Fleur who was proudly speaking of her plan suddenly stopped talking in the middle of her sentence, so the Priest looked at her with a puzzled expression.
Fleur had no time to mind him as she restlessly looked around without answering.
The Priest took offense by Fleur’s attitude, so he took hold of her arm and overbearingly turned her face towards him.

“Are you listening to me!” (Priest)

“Shut up! Have you not noticed it!? Look at your surroundings!” (Fleur)

“Surroundings? Just what… oy, the adventurers aren’t here!” (Priest)

“What’s going on? They were here just a moment ago…” (Fleur)

While the two were dumbfounded by the sudden disappearance of the adventurers, a Beastman appeared from a nearby thicket.

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