Mezametara Chikashitsu!? – Chapter 132.5

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Natural Airhead? Black Belly?
“Waah~ I’m full~” (Sister)

“Umm… may we?” (Miguel)

“Yes?… Err~… who might you be?” (Sister)

The thoughts of the four Faust siblings synchronized.
((((Is this Sister a natural airhead?))))

“… I am Miguel Faust, there are some things about the orphanage we would like to confirm, could you call the person in charge for us?” (Miguel)

“My~ thank you for your hard work. My name is Dorothy, I’m the Sister here. Thank you so much for the delicious meal. Unfortunately, Lord Priest is not present at the moment.” (Dorothy)

“Do you know when he will return?” (Miguel)

“Who knows~? He said he was going to visit the Feudal Lord if I recall correctly, so if you are in a hurry, it would be better to head there.” (Dorothy)

“The Feudal Lord, huh… that’s a delicate timing. Al, contact Gai and confirm with him.” (Miguel)

“Okay~” (Albert)

Understanding what Miguel had in mind, Albert connected to Gai via telepathy.

(Gai~ Gaigaiga~i) Albert

(Don’t call me weird names! What is it!) Gai

(How is it over there?) Albert

(V and Zoe already got in contact, so it will be my turn soon.) Gai

(Hmm~ Say, does the woman have a companion?) Albert

(Yeah, there’s a fatty fat geezer too, what about him?) Gai

(Wait a moment.) Albert

Albert suspended the telepathy for a moment and decided to let Miguel know.

“Miguel Niisama, he says there’s some fatty fat geezer.” (Albert)

“Got it. Sister, is the Priest a fatty fat geezer?” (Miguel)

“Yeah, Lord Priest is a fatty fat geezer.” (Dorothy)

Seeing Dorothy declare such smilingly, the thoughts of the four siblings synchronized.
((((A natural airhead black belly!? No, can’t say for sure just yet…))))

“… Al, tell him to deliver the Priest to Father.” (Miguel)

“Sure~” (Albert)

Albert conveyed Miguel’s words to Gai.
On the side, Nathan and Felice were whispering something to each other.
Miguel who had a confirmation spoke with Dorothy about the Feudal Lord’s and Priest’s misgivings.
The smiling Dorothy was able to keep her expression as the discussion progressed, but once she heard about the orphanage’s children being sold as slaves, emotions escaped from her face as her expression turned serious.

“Are you telling… the truth? Do you have evidence?” (Dorothy)

“Starting with the documents of the transactions, we acquired many more relevant documents. In fact, Gray’s group was also about to be sold.” (Miguel)

“That…” (Dorothy)

“What?” (Miguel)

When Miguel called out to Dorothy who started trembling, she suddenly stood up and shouted out loud with a deep voice.

“That rotting bastard! What the hell was he doing to my cute children! If he returns, I’m going to O&N%#——!” (Dorothy)

Nathan who sat beside Felice promptly covered her ears.

“I’m going to take back all my children by any means! Then I’m going to kick that rotting OOXX!”

At that moment, two unknown objects dropped from the chest of Dorothy who continued yelling.


“… Opmugu.” (Albert)

Miguel covered Albert’s mouth and spoke while watching Dorothy.

“Let’s leave her alone for a while.” (Miguel)
“”Yes.”” “Mugu.”

At this moment, the thoughts of the four siblings synchronized.
((((She wasn’t a natural airhead nor a black belly…))))

A short time later, Dorothy who continued yelling for a while sat on the chair and started fixing her disordered clothes.
Halfway, she started panicking after noticing that she was missing something that should be there, but she noticed it on the floor and quickly returned it where it belonged.

“Fuu~” (Dorothy)


While finding Dorothy’s actions strange, a bunch of footsteps approached.

“Did something happen!? I heard some deep voice!”

“Kaasan, are you okay!? Did someone attack you!”

“Okaasan! Are you fine!?”

“Thieves… bandits… punishment!”



The smile on Dorothy’s face froze when Gray and others jumped in and started questioning her while Felice’s group were at their limits and burst into laughter.
They weren’t able to continue the discussion until they calmed down.

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