Mezametara Chikashitsu!? – Chapter 132

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Natural Airhead? Black Belly?
Just about when Gai got in contact with Fleur, Felice’s group by guided by Gray to their orphanage.

“Miguel Oniisama, they said they were bringing that woman to our home, but is that really okay?” (Felice)

“Normally, she would be taken to the Royal Palace, but she is in the possession of the ‘Charm’ skill. It would be troublesome if she used that in the palace. We will render her skill powerless first, then bring her over.” (Miguel)

“You can leave that to Mother. I heard from Olivia that she was very eager to work… she can’t join the party if we, or rather the Faust family is not involved, so she was bearing a grudge.” (Nathan)

“Nathan Oniisama, did you say something?” (Felice)

“It’s nothing.” (Nathan)

“?” (Felice)

“We have reached the orphanage, Feli.” (Albert)

As Felice was tilting her head to the side at the last words of Nathan she didn’t hear properly, Albert took her hand as he looked at the rusty gate before him and turned towards Gray.
The walls and the roof of the orphanage were full of holes.

“This is our orphanage. Umm… are you truly going inside?” (Gray)

“Yeah. We have something to ask the person in charge of here.” (Miguel)

“… I understand.” (Gray)

Gray who had a complicated expression on his face led Felice and others inside, but they had to stop right away.
A Sister-like person was sprawled on the ground.
As everyone stood frozen in dumbfoundment, Gray and the other members of the orphanage quickly rushed over to the collapsed woman.

“Kaasan!” (Gray)

“Ah… Kaasan!” (Rona)

“”Okaasan!”” (Nick & El)

The woman on the ground was indeed the Sister.
Seeing the nervous and teary-eyed four kids, Felice also rushed over while Miguel furrowed his glabella as they confirmed her condition.

“This is…” (Miguel)

“Miguel Oniisama, she needs a treatment.” (Felice)

“Her head seems injured. Feli, heal her entirely just in case.” (Miguel)

“Yeah!” (Felice)

When Felice sat next to the Sister and touched her, the Sister opened her eyes a little as she muttered something.

“Are you okay? I will heal you right away.” (Felice)

“———ry.” (Sister)

“Eh? Kaasan, are you saying something?” (Gray)

“I.” (Sister)


“I’m hungry.” (Sister)

——Guu~ grumblegrumblegrumble~


“”””…… Eh…… surely not!?””””

Hearing the sudden noise, Felice’s group was dumbfounded while the faces of Gray and others dyed red.
Within the unspeakable mood, little sounds could be heard next.

——Guu~ grumble, guu~ grumble

When everyone looked towards the sounds, their eyes met the faces of little children who were sticking out their heads out of the corridor.

“Ahh~… let’s have a meal first?” (Miguel)

“Shall we go buy the ingredients?” (Nathan)

“Ah, it’s fine brothers. I have food Gai made for us.” (Albert)

“I do too. But, I better heal her beforehand.” (Felice)

Before the discussion, they moved places to the dining room to have a meal.
The Sister and the little children were wary of the unfamiliar people, but they completely forgot about them with the feast before them.
Several minutes later, the fully satisfied Sister and the children were slowly swaying their heads unsteadily.
The little children were carried away by Gray and others, so only the Sister and Felice’s group remained.

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