Nigotta Hitomi no Lilianne – Chapter 174.5

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Lilianne of the Dance
At Ellie’s signal, the magic tools activated and the song started playing.
And at the same time, the two pairs of four wings on the back of my siblings flapped and lifted their bodies into the air.
They let go of my hands they were holding, and the two took their respective places.

The music changed and after the excitement rose a little, Ellie and Theo flapped their wings and started elegantly and magnificently moving.
Their movements were smooth and brilliant.
They were flowing elegantly like dancing fairies, each and every action of theirs was tempting with fascination, making me think that their performance was enough to earn high points at the dance performance at the Magic Battle.

At times, they barely missed each other, their moves on the edge of the stage were perfectly synchronized.
Following the two’s perfect mid-air dance, I matched the two and descended in the middle of the center, grasping my fluffy skirt with both of my hands in what should have been the spotlight–or at least that should have been the case–and I did a pretty courtesy.
Then, similar wings like those which Theo and Ellie had on their backs that were concealed with the magic tool until now appeared on my back.
I could tell that everyone’s attention that was on Theo and Ellie’s elegant dance was now on me.
I spread my wings and released the concealment on another magic tool that was concealed.

Then, wolf ears and tail appeared on my body.
It’s Wolfmimio Mk.14.

Simultaneously, high-pitched shrieks were raised. The venue was already filled with a whirlpool of wild enthusiasm.
However, that was only the beginning.

The BGM changed and the spotlights on my increased-or at least, they should have–I curled my small dance, stuck up my butt lightly and started the puppy dance in the puppy pose.

Using the first-grade sorcery “Telepathic Waves” I matched the movements of the tail with my buttocks and sent out some wolf punches matched with the movement of the ears.
The hall that fell into silence for a moment exploded and got filled with wild enthusiasm so large, it was easy to understand how bigger it was than before.

Each time the tail matched the movements of my butt, high-pitched screams piled up over each other.
When my ears matched the wolf punch, high-pitched screams overlapped again, and high-pitched screams would already follow after anything I did.


By the way, the creator of the puppy dance was naturally Ellie.

During the practice, she had several nosebleeds, and she showed a melting smile due to happiness.
Theo couldn’t control his nosebleeds and ended up receiving medical treatment a few times.


But, it’s almost the time, you two.


When I sent a glance towards the two, they who have been enduring nosebleeds started the preparations.

The music changed and the next moment, my two siblings nearly grazed the stage and approached me at a high-speed. I gently floated to match them.
The moment they were about to pass by me, they landed, took my hands, and raised into the air while rotating with me in the center.
I raised further into the air while holding the hands of my siblings, and when the song reached its climax, I undid the hair clasp hiding on the back of my head.

The next moment, the spotlight on me shined in increased radiance–or at least, it should have–and at the same time, the two pairs of four wings increased to three pairs of six wings, and particles of magical power fell on the stage as if dancing.
My hair also released the magical power particles and naturally fluttered and gently swayed even though there was no wind in the hall.

The magic stone embedded in the hair clasp served as a trigger.
The sorcery sealed within the hair clasp was “Falling Stars Ubiquity”.

One of the servants who saw the fantastic scene of particles falling off my three pairs of six wings joined their hands and prayed while crying.

Our Mother—Claire, was the same.
The wonderful smile and the explosion of magical power from her body could be considered her record high.
And, that smile of hers was like a smile of a Goddess from a masterpiece of a drawing.




The song slowly ended and a storm of a standing ovation blew up throughout the hall as we descended on the stage.
The applause and the cheering were so great the entire hall vibrated.

And, among all that, Alek together with Claire ran over.
After stepping onto the stage with wind sorcery, Claire ran and gathered all three of us in her arms.


“That was incredible, you three! It was so wonderful I was overcome with emotions! It was so splendid you would surely win a dance performance. Thank you for the best present ever. My adorable children…”

Theo and Ellie who received praises from Claire who was smiling gently with excitement had also smiles on their whole faces.
I can tell that my face also moved after a long time.


“Fufu… Lily-chan is smiling for me. Thank you, it’s my first time being this happy on my birthday.”

“Lily… how wonderful… smile one more time please!”

“An angel… there’s an angel here!? Lily is an angel!”

“Are you saying that Lily smiled!? Wha, show it to me as well!”


Ojiisama and Obaasama participated too after the four who raised up a clamor just because I smiled a little and the stage gradually became more chaotic.
Ena and my personal maids who heard that I smiled joined us up on the stage and we got surrounded by the servants after that… because the situation was gradually getting out of hand—


“Kya… fufu… how splendid~ Lily-chan.”



There was still some magical power remaining in the magic tool, so I flapped my three pairs of six wings, enveloped Claire with the zero-gravity and flew back to the birthday seat.
When the chaotic stage noticed that I flew away, it gradually settled.

When Claire addressed everyone from the birthday seat, the birthday party quietly resumed.
Although they were temporarily disordered, they were the servants of the Christophe Household in the after all. They immediately recovered.


“Thank you, Lily-chan. That was the best present ever.”


While everyone was returning to normal, I who moved on Claire’s lap after removing the magic tool from my back was spoken to by the smiling Goddess-sama herself and I watched as her warm magical power filled the hall yet again.

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