Nigotta Hitomi no Lilianne – Chapter 174

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Lilianne of the Dance
Entering into the 9th Month, Mother’s――Claire’s birthday came immediately.
This is just information I heard on the surface, but many of the nobles who seek connections with the Christophe House will be requesting their participation this year.

Well, even without the birthday, Claire is a Royal Sorceress, Alek is the Vice-Commander of the 2nd Knights Order, and Annela Obaasama and Roland Ojiisama are the Heroes of the Ovent Kingdom, so the nobles would seek connections with them no matter what.

The Christophe House who possesses great magic tools made by one of the few 1st-grade sorcerers in the Ovent Kingdom is prominent both in terms of business and strength.
Not trying to ally them and be hostile to them instead is nonsensical.


Although there is no need to completely hide the information about me anymore, Obaasama and others still gave permission to participate at the birthday party only to those who passed a thorough background investigation.
Although the birthday party with the people from outside will be the main event, we will be surely celebrating as a family after that.
The entire family except Claire handling the decorations of the hall is something warm.

It seems that the prestige of the nobles invited to the birthday party in the luxurious Christophe House would thoroughly spread, but it might be said that this is a scene that I am already used to.

As for the nobles invited to the birthday party, they only greeted us for a little and congratulated Claire on her birthday.
Fundamentally, the nobles don’t approach the children for a long time.
Rather, they might have had to swear not to get too close to us. Practically, not a single person had the leisure to talk with Theo and Ellie, much less me.


However, this is where we show up.
Obaasama brought the stuff according to our request, no, she brought much more than requested.
Although the magic stones in monsters are supposed to be a hit or miss, the amount and quality of the magic stones exceeded Eliott’s expectations by ten times. Just how many monsters did she have to defeat to obtain this many magic stones?
But, with this, we were able to practice thoroughly. As I thought, thanks to Theo and Ellie’s natural motor nerves, they got accustomed to the moves in no time, so quite a lot of magic stones was left over. Let’s use the remaining stones later.


Finishing the last rehearsal, we moved to a room we decorated by ourselves.
Of course, I couldn’t see the paper that had no magical power, so I did it a little by little while receiving help from everyone.


“Yes, we are done once you finish this one. Now then, Lily.”


“Do your best, Lily. Right, that’s it!”


“Well done. You are admirable, Lily.”

“Thank you very much for your efforts, Lily. You have worked hard.”


Receiving appreciation from Theo and Ellie on both my sides, I finished the last set of the paper decorations.
With this, the preparations for our venue are perfect. All that’s left is to wait for the nobles to leave, so the real birthday party could start.




“”Happy Birthday, Okaasama!””

“Happy Birthday~”

“Fufu… thank you, my cutie pies.”


Claire whom I thought would be tired from keeping the bothersome nobles company showed a brilliant smile when she returned to our hall.
Even though we had not done anything yet, Claire turned into a manifestation of magical power. The magical power shared its relief and happiness with anyone it touched.


“Okaasama! Will you accept our present?”

“Yes, of course!”


Claire replied to our representative Ellie with a smile and her overflowing magical power shot up.
Now, this is where the real thing starts. Let’s show the fruits of our practice.


“We will go prepare then!”

“Yes, I am looking forward to it.”

“We are going, Okaasama!”


“Fufu… do your best~”


Claire who was sitting on the special seat for the birthday person saw us off while waving her hand a little.
Since Claire was not finding it strange that we had to go prepare, she might already know the contents of our present.
Well, Obaasama was absent from the house for a few days, she might also know that we asked Eliott to produce magic tools for us, or she might have overhead someone.
Nevertheless, I can tell just how much she was looking for it simply from the flow of her magical power.


“Well then, let’s do our best, Theo, Lily.”

“Yeah, we practiced a lot. Let’s enjoy it! Let’s make sure Okaasama enjoys it as well!”


“Indeed, let’s have fun! Lily.”




Finishing preparations for the stage, I joined hands with Theo and Ellie and we went onto the stage.
The moment we entered the stage that should have been brightly illuminated, applause soared from all over the place as the servants crowded our the stage with expectations and high-pitched shrieks.
Claire was sending encouragement by waving her hand greatly from the birthday seat as if not wanting to lose.

Now then, let’s begin.

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