Nigotta Hitomi no Lilianne – Chapter 175.5

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Lilianne of the Chorus
There was no need to exercise singing with a magic tool, so I could fundamentally do it on my own.
I have immediately memorized the lyrics, so Ena became my teacher as I sang together with Ellie.

At first, Ena sang first and I tried singing just like her.
While doing that, Ena occasionally pointed out some faults, but I did well in general.
It’s just when Ellie was singing off key that Ena became extremely strict.
Ena’s singing would leave a pro feeling embarrassed, but because she herself has confidence in her singing, she ended up acting just a tiny bit stern.


Well, although she was a little strict on Ellie, she was mostly singing gently while having fun.


By the time I became able to sing alone, Ellie also stopped singing off key.


“Fufu… Lily-chan, you really sing as lovely as an angel~”

“Ba~baa sing too~?”

“My, my, but unfortunately, your Ba~baa is not too skilled at singing. I am happy just from hearing Lily-chan sing, so would you let me listen to more?”



Singing is apparently not Obaasama’s strong point.
Ellie who inherited most of Obaasama’s talent has been singing off key quite a lot at the beginning, so did she perhaps inherit that from Obaasama as well?


Obaasama listened to mine and Ellie’s chorus happily.
Her body spontaneously moved left and right to the rhythm.

My personal maid of today, Lacria, was also shaking a little.
However, according to her magical power, she was itching to do something. Does she perhaps want to sing together?


“Ne~nee, may Lacwia sing with us too?”

“Oh my, Lacria too?”


“O, Ojousama, is that really all right?”

“Let’s sing together~”



Lacria whose smile bloomed wonderfully after I invited her took her place next to us.
When the three of us started singing at Ena’s signal, Lacria immediately proved herself.

As I expected, Lacria’s voice was so wonderful it even surpassed Ena’s beautiful voice.
Her skill in singing, the quality of her voice, the expressive power.
Each and every one of these things was magnificent.

After finishing singing “The Starry Night” the other members spontaneously applauded Lacria.
Although Lacria was feeling embarrassed when asked to sing alone, I could clearly see the pride in her flow of magical power.


“Lacwia, you are so good~”

“Truly… you are very good. No, the word good doesn’t justify just how magnificently you sing!”

“Yes, you have a wonderful singing voice. It felt like we were really talked to by a star.”

“Indeed~ This is my first time realizing you had such wonderful special skill, Lacria~”

“Thank you very much. Singing is my most favorite thing right after plush toys.”


Lacria bowed silently and then explained cheerfully.

That reminds me, she did say that she loves plush toys.
Some time ago, during my inspection of the mansion, she spoke of the wonderfulness of plush toys.


“Right, let’s have Lacria sing with us too. But, would it be unfair if it was only Lacria?”

“Then, sing with evewyone~”

“Yeah, as expected of you, Lily! What a good idea!”


It would be wasteful to bury Lacria’s beautiful singing voice like this, so we decided to have all of my personal maids to participate in Theo’s birthday present.
Lacria immediately gathered the other three maids via a communication-type magic tool.

And, after having each of them sing, as I thought, they weren’t as good as Lacria. Still, everyone’s singing was above average though.

It has been arranged that I will be the main singer, while Ellie and the personal maids would sing to assist.
With the aid of Lacria’s beautiful voice and skill, the singing of the main singer (me), was enhanced.
Thanks to that, during our practice, Lacria has become the most reliable one among everyone.

The rest of my personal maids worked very hard and did their best to sing.

“The Starry Night” was quite a popular song, so each personal maid of mine knew of it and did not need time to memorize the lyrics.
They joined our practice and we sang while enjoying ourselves.


The only song I know is “The Starry Night” so we only sang this one piece many times, but it was a song you won’t get tired of, so there was no problem. It was also a practice after all.


“Since you practiced this much, you shouldn’t have any problems! As expected of you, Lily! You are talented at both singing and dancing!”

“Ai. Will Okaa~sama and Ni~nii be happy, I wonder?”

“Of course! There’s no way they wouldn’t be! If it was me, I would be crying from delight! Fufu… therefore, you don’t need to worry. Let’s enjoy performing and make them happy.”



Hearing Ellie’s statement, I wholeheartedly believe she was a reliable older sister.

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