Nigotta Hitomi no Lilianne – Chapter 175

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Lilianne of the Chorus
Claire’s birthday present was very popular.
It was not only popular with Claire herself, but naturally the whole family and the servants.
It was frighteningly well-received.
Especially the inventor of the doggy dance, Ellie, received many compliments.
Of course, I who danced it received many words of praises.


Most likely, the doggy dance will be requested for birthday parties from now n.
The whirlpool of craze was just that big.

Claire’s birthday ended safely.
Theo’s birthday follows immediately after Claire’s birthday.
I have been practicing for Claire’s present with Theo, so practicing for Theo’s present was quite difficult.
Yes, it was necessary to practice for Theo’s birthday present.

The investigation of “Information Analysis” led by Kuti and Sani sensei has advanced considerably, but it’s still not over yet.
Sani sensei is working especially hard, but because she needs to examine everything starting from the composition of the formula, to construction method, circumstances of use, magical power consumption and flow, it will take lots of time.
On top of the formula of this “Information Analysis” being concealed, that method of concealment was something we have never seen before, so there were many things we had to test first.
Only after that, we were able to start the investigation.

During that, I practiced for Claire birthday dance and for Theo’s present.
Well, I did all that leisurely so there weren’t any problems.


Now then, about Theo’s present…
Some time ago, when taking a stroll around the Reki-kun room with Theo, I was a bit interested in the piece he was humming.
It was a song about stars with a gentle melody and loose flow.
After that, the piece Theo was often humming was this “The Starry Night” song.
Therefore, I naturally remembered it and thinking about whether it was Theo’s favorite song, I went to ask Ellie.


“Nee~ne, what is the song Nii~ni often sings called?”

“Hmm? A song Theo sings? Err… I wonder what he was singing… do you remember how the song went, Lily?”



Ellie couldn’t remember, so I tried singing a bit.
Ellie who heard my singing opened her eyes wide as she pinned her mouth with both of her hands in surprise.


“… Lily, you are a genius after all! You are so good! I only heard such beautiful singing from Ena before!”

“Yeah, yeah! Lily is an incredible singer! Her voice is as beautiful as Diva’s! She’s super amazing!”


I sang only for a bit, but Ellie and Kuti praised me greatly.
Giving my thanks to the two via voice and words of magical power respectively, Ellie told me the name of the song after I asked her again.
She also told me that Theo would be really happy if I sang him this “The Starry Night” so we decided to go with this as our present.

I often sang in my past life as I liked karaoke, but I wasn’t that good.
But now, while not as good as Ena, I seem to be doing well.


“Then, let’s learn the lyrics together, okay? Ena should know The Starry Night too, so let’s ask her teach us. Ah, but keep it secret from Theo, okay? Let’s surprise him just like we surprised Okaasama.”



Joining hands with Ellie who laughed like a mischevious child, we went to find Ena.
Ena seemed to have heard the story as she was waiting for us while smiling.

That day, we began the practice of “The Starry Night” while practicing the doggy dance for Claire’s birthday.

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