Nigotta Hitomi no Lilianne – Chapter 178

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Lilianne of the Party Hall
With loud, exciting cheering in the hall, Theo rushed over.
He went up on the stage and embraced me with an excited, joyous, glittering smile, but even though he practiced controlling his strength on a daily basis, I still felt a bit suffocated from his embrace, which was very Theo-like from him.


“Thank you for the fantastic present, Lily. That was a wonderful song! This was the best ‘The Starry Night’ I have ever heard!”

“Ai. Happy Biwthday, Nii~ni.”

“Lily! Thank you!”


Theo embraced me again, but it was with a little more strength than before. But, it definitely wasn’t to hurt me, as I felt powerful warmth from him.


“I know that Lily’s singing is supreme, but we were singing too, you know?”

“Ah, thank you as well, Ellie. Ena and everyone else too. That was a wonderful song.”

“… You sounded somewhat apathetic, but oh well. Happy birthday, Theo.”

“Happy Birthday, Theo.”

“””We wish you Happy Birthday, Theo Bocchama.”””

“Thank you!”


While hugging me, Theo lifted me up in his arms and turned with a smile towards Ellie and others.
When the Silver Flash Noble showed his magnificent smile, everyone’s expression and flow of magical power got wrapped by warmth.

The loud cheering in the party hall was changed with applause, and all the people on the stage gave their blessings to Theo.

Theo accepted the blessings with delight. The audience ratings of our show were also apparently excellent.
Ojiisama and Obaasama who were on the second floor came down and went up on the stage.
The guests who saw Ojiisama and Obaasama go up on the stage started being noisy, but they quieted down with a few words of the servant who acted as the host.

Ojiisama nimbly lifted Theo, Ellie, and I in his arms and Obaasama faced us with a smile that was more splendid than usual.


“You were wonderful, Ellistina, Lilianne. Even pros would feel embarrassed. I am very proud of you!”

“Truly~ You were even lovelier than during the practice. Receiving a wonderful present like this, you must be really happy, Theo-chan~”

“Yes, Obaasama! I am the luckiest man in the Ovent Kingdom! This is my first time feeling so happy, this is the best birthday ever!”

“Fufu… indeed~ As expected of Ellie-chan and Lily-chan~”


Obaasama gently patted Theo’s head and rubbed her cheek against his and then did the same to me and Ellie.
Ojiisama who still held the three of us in his arms acted as if not seeing the audience in the party hall turned around without looking back and Obaasama followed after him.
Loud cheering arose in the party hall again as Obaasama waved her hand at the audience.
As expected, there was no Annela or Roland chant, but their popularity was tremendous.

Theo’s friends were looking at the two with sparkly magic power escaping from their eyes.
In fact, I saw them being excited while we were singing too.

It was the right call to put the seats of these two popular people on the second floor, though.
They have completely swallowed both our performance and Theo’s birthday.

At that moment, Obaasama who received a magic tool from the servant who was hosting the party held it towards Ojiisama’s mouth who spoke into it.


“Thank you for gathering today for the birthday party of my grandson, Theodore. Both Theodore and you, the guests, must have been smitten by the singing of my grandchildren, right? The party will still continue, so please keep celebrating Theodore’s birthday to the fullest.”


A Roland chant broke out when Ojiisama gave his light greetings through the amplification magic tool, but it soon turned into Theodore chant.
Ojiisama gave a proper warning that today’s star is Theo.

While watching the smile of our Oniisama who was waving his hand to the audience who was doing the Theodore chant, I finally breathed a sigh of relief upon the success of our present.

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