Nigotta Hitomi no Lilianne – Chapter 179.5

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Lilianne of the Meeting
[Test number 247, Commence]

A wave of amplified and enhanced magical power flew within the restricted space as if licking it.
The traveling wave touched every physical obstacle, gathering information which was then stored in the information accumulation space.
The Information Accumulation Space then filtered the data, carefully selecting information to project in the 3D Wireframe Model Space.


“Fumu. It’s still not finished, but it’s already selecting information fairly well.”

“I think it would be better to raise the filter accuracy in the 24th and 45th compartments.”

“If so, it would be better to lower the filter of the 79th compartment.”

(There’s also the option to sift through the main partition B.)

“Fumu… that would be possible.”


A strong wave of magical power that has been modified and improved upon the wave section of the “Magicprint Search”.
Just this section alone requires magical power that far exceeds the formula organization of existing sorcery.
Resembling multilayered waves of magical power, the first wave collides against a physical object and causes the next wave to change direction.
The Information Analysis is interposed within the waves, so information is gradually obtained.
Every time a wave dissipates, another wave is replenished at the end of the line, so it’s a sorcery that consumes an outrageous amount of magical power.

Different from the “Magicprint Search” that was a barrage-like magical power, the waves of magical power operate like a single entity, so they won’t simply dissipate all at once.
However, like this, the information gathered from “Information Analysis” will become terrifyingly many.
That’s why the information is accumulated in one place first, where it is filtered through a careful selection.

However, the problem is this very filter.
Extracting only the necessary information is extremely tedious.
If it does not sieve through all the information and select only the necessary, it would select too many pointless information and would be totally useless.
Moreover, this sieving also needs the necessary data and various settings to operate.

For that reason, the filter settings were split into compartments and numbered, the compartments were then further divided by walls.
It’s like organizing town districts and building walls around them.


Currently, the filter is still being controlled manually, but eventually, I would like to use “Telepathic Waves Identification” to control the filter unconsciously with thoughts.
The many filter settings and various circumstances are necessary for that very reason.

At the present time, a huge number of filters is needed to create a basic frame.
This all depends on the circumstances, so it’s not difficult to imagine how the time it needs to get complete may increase.
I am holding a meeting with Kuti and Sani Sensei for that reason, but we quite can’t come up with a good idea.


“Even though the information may be gradually wrung out, there is also a problem with the speed of the projection space.”

“The computing power of the Pad has been also reached, so we are limited in that aspect as well…”

(As expected, this is the limit of a single core… I think it’s about time we switch to dual or quad core.)


Currently, the aerial projection technology is dependant on the performance of the Kutipad.
At any rate, this aerial projection is currently the most taxing program to run on the Kutipad.
Normally, it would need a combination of many sorceries to work, so it’s quite cumbersome and very difficult to control.
That’s why we manage it entirely through Kutipad.


“Dual? Quad? What’s that!?”

(Presently, Kutipad is using only one processing system, right? We should make two or four processing systems run parallelly. The other thing we could do is caching… storing the data with frequent use and making them shareable.)

“T, t, t, t, there was such a way!?”

“Fumu, it certainly makes sense, but…”

“The spirit power consumption probably won’t simply double with two processing systems. Just what would the consumption be if we run four of them?”

(I thought it would be like that. I am currently supplying the spirit power myself, but it would be nice if we could keep down the spirit power consumption with the supply from Aether Crystals in the future.)


The Kutipad’s evolution has not come to halt just yet.
I proposed a plan to use Aether Crystals as fuel in the future to break away from the current situation where I am forced to use my own spirit power.
But, even if Aether Crystals contain extreme amounts of fuel, they have a limit.
Even now, they can fuel a single core only for a considerably short amount of time, so increasing the number of cores leads us to guess ourselves whether it would even boot up.


“Well, but it wouldn’t be a problem to make one for Lily, a kuad, was it? I will give a try increasing it to four.”

“Indeed. A single core is enough for us. We should be fine proceeding with the Aether Crystals batteries plan only on the single cores.”

(That’s so. The accumulated amount in the Aether Crystals also increases over time, so you will eventually be able to use them for dual or quad cores too.)

“Umu, that’s right. There’s nothing to worry about, Kuti. It will be fine, right?”

“It probably will. Rather, I can’t not grant Lily’s wish! I am going to do it~!”

(Fufu… do your best, Kuti!)

“I will work hard~!”


While anticipating of the evolution of Kutipad, the filter settings were increasing day by day.

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