Nigotta Hitomi no Lilianne – Chapter 179

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Lilianne of the Meeting
After the first stage of the Christophe family’s birthday rush, Claire and Theo’s birthdays ended without an incident.
The two were highly pleased and completely satisfied.

But, the second stage is right around the corner.
That’s only natural. This is a rush after all.

The second stage has about one month after the 9th Month before two people celebrate their birthdays.
The next target being the eldest daughter of the Christophe Household——Ellistina Christophe. In other words, our Oneesama.

Although there’s only a month, I should have a reasonable amount of time to prepare her present.
By the way, the guests might have been invited on the grand scale for Claire and Theo’s birthdays, but Ellie’s birthday party is planned to be only for the relatives.
Therefore, it will be good to limit the present on the family scale.

A present on the family scale is, in other words, presents like little girl maid, or selfishness coupons.
Doing something like that in front of strangers is, as expected, an out.
Even with the permission of the leading actress, it would be an out for myself, so it’s an out.

However, I did something similar the last year, so doing the same this year would be dull.
She had contributed many present ideas this year, so this year’s Ellie’s present should also be unique.


“What do we do about that…”

“What do we doo~”

“Hmm… you did dance and sing already…”

“Uu~ nu~”

“Ahh… a troubled Lily is also cuteee…”

“Nii~ni, think pwopely about it~”


While sprawled together on Reki-kun’s fluffy belly, Theo was making entranced expression while we were brooding over Ellie’s present, so I lightly knocked on him to bring back his sanity.


“Whoa!? You were too angelic I lost my consciousness there!”


“Sorry, sorry. I will start thinking seriously, so cheer up. Okay?”


Theo who now attends the junior high is gradually becoming manlier.
When he stands next to that hunk of a prince, he really looks cool, a feast for the eyes.
Seeing his daily rapid growth, I recalled that children of this age would rapidly grow when you take your eyes off of them.
I have no doubts that after one year, Theo will grow even manlier and become even cooler.
He’s sufficiently cool already, but Theo’s growth won’t stop just here.


“Nevertheless, is there nothing, I wonder… something Ellie would be happy about… something Ellie loves… Flowers? Lily? Martial arts? … Decorate Lily with flowers and have her teach Lily martial arts? Not good, not good! That’s too dangerous!”


Theo’s thoughts are gradually swaying in a weird direction.
But, I have no good ideas myself. The most I can think of is to let Ellie do with me as she pleases.


Well, even if I say ‘let her do with me as she pleases’, Ellie is still a child.
At most, she would make me spend the day with her and treat me like a dress-up doll.


… Dress-up doll?


“Nii~ni, how about evewyone dwesses up~?”

“Dress you up? Dress you up… she would certainly be happy if you wore various clothes and made a fashion show for her. I also want to see it. Very much! Good! This idea is very good! Lily’s fashion show!”



I was thinking about everyone dressing up and getting a picture painted for Ellie, but it ended up going into a weird direction again.
Moreover, Theo was fully motivated.
Not good… utterly not good.
At this rate, he will end up holding a little sister exhibition.


“I, it’s not good if Nii~ni doesn’t appeaw too~”

“Eh, me too? Ah, right! I have to escort you! Alright! It’s decided! Ellie’s present is going to be Lily’s fashion show!”


It was going into the wild delusion territory as I thought, but since I pulled him to my side, I should be able to manage, somehow.
Since he is going to escort me, I am going to have him become a proper dress-up doll too.

Immediately after, Theo took my hand and gone to talk about the fashion show to Ena and Obaasama.
The two were very on board after hearing about it and they got excited thinking about the clothes they will make us wear.

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