Nigotta Hitomi no Lilianne – Chapter 180.5

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Lilianne of the Captivation
“Fuu… my throat has become totally sore.”

“Ai, Nee~ne.”

“Fufu… thank you, Lily.”


After the fashion show ended, a table and chairs were placed onto the stage, and dishes got served. Of course, I can’t see it, but I can tell from the smell and the magic fragment-made tableware.

I changed from the special clothes made from materials that were easily affected by illusion sorcery I was wearing for the fashion show into maid clothes and acted as a One-day Maid for Ellie.


“Fufu… still, you are adorable no matter what you wear as it all suits you… seeing Lily so variously cute, today was really the best day ever!”

“It’s not ovel yet~

“True! I still have to see more of your cuteness today!”

“U, umm… I am also here, though…”


I am doing One-day Maid for Ellie, but Theo is also a One-day Butler. But, his turn does not come up at all.
Ellie’s gaze is glued onto me. Theo did various things like bringing the food, but she had not looked at him at all.


“Lily, can you let me eat this next?”

“Ai. Say ahh~”

“Ahh~ n. Yummy. As expected of Lily!”

“E, Ellie~ Shall I feed you as well?”

“Lily, seconds please.”


“Ahh~ so yummy~!”


Theo has been thoroughly ignored, but he can’t get angry today.
Today’s lead actress is Ellie, so he can’t get angry that she’s ignoring him just because he held my hand all the time while escorting me on the stage.

By the way, I use the magic fragment-made tableware to get the food with Ellie’s guidance, then she has me feed her, again with her help.


“Fufufu… I am in a bliss~”

“Nee~ne, which one is next~?”

“Then… should I get this one~”

“Ai. Say ahh~”



The from the bottom of her heart happy Ellie and the sooty Theo were horribly contrastive.




“Now then, Lily. Let’s sleep together today, okay~”


“S, shall I sleep with you guys too?”

“You quickly return to your own room, Theo.”

“Ugh… I also want to sleep together with Lily…”


Seeing Theo off totteringly return to his room, I entered the bed together with Ellie.
Of course, I can’t get up on the bed by myself, so Ellie had to help me.


“Thank you so much for today, Lily. It was a really fun birthday. I am especially glad that I could see you looking cute so much. It took you only a moment to change your clothes too, were you using a magic tool, perhaps?”


The moment I entered the bed, Ellie made me into a hug pillow and inquired about today.

I sure did change my clothes with the use of magic tools, but those were not actual clothes.
I only changed the appearance of my clothes with illusion sorcery.
Theo has been working hard to prepare the magic tools that sealed the illusion of each clothing.
In fact, it’s quite difficult to only target clothes in an illusion.
That’s why I was wearing clothes from materials that were easily affected by illusion in advance, on top of using the magic tool.
The kind of magic tool used as manners to conceal physical features works somewhat similar.

Using that method, I have been able to show off in larger clothes without worrying about the size since I was little——I am still little, though.
Actually, preparing the few clothes for today’s fashion show was quite difficult.
We naturally managed because this is the Christophe Household, but because I am still growing, I can’t wear them right away.
As expected, preparing many clothes for the fashion show that I won’t be able to wear in a few months time would be wasteful.

Theo and others were trying to prepare normal clothes at first, so it was quite a task leading them on to this method.
Even having Eliott make clothes from materials that are easily affected by illusion was completed only after I prepared several tricks to guide him. It was hard.


Ellie has enjoyed herself tremendously as a result and everyone, including myself had a good time, so it was worth the trouble.
The creator, Eliott, was also brimming over with motivation from the fresh idea.




“Thank you. It was the best birthday ever. I love you!”


Receiving the beautifully warm embrace, feeling the sense of security and happiness, I was quickly assaulted by drowsiness.
Wrapped in the sweet, flowery fragrance, I had sweet dreams.

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