Nigotta Hitomi no Lilianne – Chapter 180

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Lilianne of the Captivation
Many magic tools were being lined up along the stage.
In the meanwhile, several men’s clothes were being sewn, but I am unable to see that, so I can’t confirm.
The audience seating of this relatively large stage is empty.
That’s because there are only a few reserved seats.
However, there are apparently many flowers and paper decorations, so it won’t feel lonely.
I had helped with the installation of the decorations, but that was only arranging the flowers with Obaasama and Theo’s guidance, so I did not grasp much from that.
Still, seeing the two satisfied, I believe that there won’t be any problems.

Today’s leading actress, Ellie, sat In the decorated spectator seat at the front, with Obaasama, Ena, and the rest behind her.
Theo who has the role of escorting me is currently holding my hand and making the final confirmations.
The magic tools we will make use of are lined up in order, so we can just grab them and they are very easy to use as well.
We just have to make sure we don’t miss the timing, but the diligent Theo will make sure of that.


“Alright, I’m done checking. Lily, are you ready?”
“Ai. Nii~ni too?”

“Of course. Now then, let’s do our best for Ellie!”



When I squeezed back the hand that was holding me, the spotlight brightly illuminated us and we moved onto the stage.
Theo simultaneously activated the magic tool with the hand that wasn’t holding me, and the sorcery coiled around us.

The moment we stepped on the stage, Ellie cheered us on with a happy voice.
I responded with a wave of my hand, then I walked along the stage with Theo’s help and took the prescribed place.


“Well then, let’s do our best, Lily.”



Theo crouched down to match my gaze and asked in a low voice only I could hear.
Hearing my reply, he nodded once with a smile, took out a different magic tool from the first one, and brought it to my mouth.


[Nee~ne! Happy Biwthday! Pwease, enjoy today to the fullest!]

“Kyaa~! Thank you, Lily~!”


The shout of joy was coming out only from a single person, but it was at such a volume that it resounded around the hall.
Ellie’s cheer was so vigorous it wouldn’t lose out to a sold-out audience.

Bowing to the encouragement and looking at Theo, he nodded and activated the magic tool he was holding.
Then, my clothes changed to pajamas with a bunny-eared hood.
A round tail was attached to my bum.


“Kyaa~! You are so cute, Lily~! Character onesie wearing Lily is transcendentally adorable!”


Receiving Ellie’s cheering, I turned around in place.
Under Ellie’s cheerful shrieks, I slowly took one and two steps forward like a model.

I can’t see how far the stage extends.
However, the stage is properly marked with magic fragments, so something like abruptly falling off of the stage won’t happen to me.
Theo was also doing his escorting role and tightly holding my hand.

Going until the last mark, I turned around and returned.
It feels like a proper fashion show, but this world——Auriol, apparently has no such things as fashion shows.
The fashion shows here consist only of a few dressed up people lining up in a small pose.

Therefore, this kind of fashion show was first for Ellie and must have felt fresh and brand new to her.

Returning to the starting location, Theo grabbed the magic tool that was prepared on the stage.
When he activated the magic tool, my body got wrapped in sorcery and the clothes I was wearing had changed.

I got changed in an instant and Ellie let out a high-pitched shriek once again.
This time, only the animal kind of the character onesie changed, but each variety has its own charm, so the greatly excited Ellie stood up from her seat and waved her hands while shouting in excitement.
Like before, I walked like a model to the end of the stage, turned around and returned.

Then, I quickly changed again.

Like this, Ellie’s cheerful shrieks were heard over and over again and continued until the last outfit.

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