Nigotta Hitomi no Lilianne – Chapter 181.5

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Lilianne of the Intermediation
“One, two.”


With Ellie’s lead, Theo, me, and her start singing.
This time’s piece is not an adult-ish song like “The Starry Night” but a bright, fun piece.
I was practicing with my siblings every day and it’s only a few days until the performance.


Ena’s birthday is approximately one month after Ellie’s, so we have about the same time to practice as we did for Ellie’s birthday, which is plenty.
Ellie has also quickly selected the song, so we did not lose time by wavering.


“… Yeah… as I thought, Lily is a genius!”


“Ahh! Stop monopolizing her, Ellie! That’s so unfair! Me too!”

“Theo, you go sing over there!”

“Don’t you lack practice yourself, Ellie!?”




The two started quarreling while tightly embracing me.
I have already gotten quite used to it, but I would really like if you stopped fighting over me already.


“Nii~ni, Nee~ne. No!”

“”Wau! I’m sorry!””


The two immediately stopped when I raised my voice at them, but they did not apologize to each other, but to me.

Geez, this brother and sister of mine…

“If Nii~ni and Nee~ne don’t apologize to each othew, then no!”

“Ugh… Ellie, I’m sorry.”

“It was my fault, Theo.”


After reconciliation, we started practicing singing again.
But, since we were already able to sing the song quite skillfully, the three were having fun, rather than practicing.


“Ah, Nii~ni, Nee~ne.”

“Hm? What’s the matter, Lily?”

“What is it?”


The fruit water—orange flavor—in the magic fragment-made cup I got from Ellie during the break was all gone, so I reported to the two.

Of course, Ena has one more present.
Somehow, because we were practicing so hard, I completely forgot about it.
There’s not a lot of days left, so I have to tell the two. Well, they would do it on the fly even if I didn’t tell them, but just in case.


“Enya’s~… Ena’s~”

“Wow… she bit her tongue, how very adorable…”



I have been able to call Ena by her name without any problems recently, so bitting my tongue after such a long time is quite embarrassing.
Sending a dissatisfied expression to my two siblings who did the same gesture of holding both of their cheeks is no big deal. Rather, a gaze like that is considered a reward for them.

“Muu~… Nii~ni, Nee~ne, I hatesh you!”


Although I had ended up biting my tongue again, the two’s expression completely changed as they were apologizing the next moment, so I will forgive them.
After that, I told them about the one-day Ena Okaasama deal and the two accepted to cooperate.
Well, I was not worried about that, so there weren’t any problems.

Rather, it goes without saying that I got enveloped in a storm of praises because I made a proposal like that.

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