Nigotta Hitomi no Lilianne – Chapter 181

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Lilianne of the Intermediation
“——And so, let’s try distributing the processes like this.”

“Fumu. But, wouldn’t the versatility be lacking then?”

(In that case, I think securing the margin in a part that has a leeway would work.)

“Ah~… I see!”

“Umu. There wouldn’t be a problem then… n? Ena seems to be coming here.”

(Huh? How rare… rather, I see. It’s that, isn’t it?)



Ena, who normally doesn’t approach and just enjoys watching the illusion of me playing with Reki-kun while having tea with Obaasama from distance, was now approaching.
There are various sorceries in the illusionistic space, and at first glance, it looks like I am only playing or napping with Reki-kun, but the illusion actually has an effect on the mind.
Moreover, even the strong person with many experiences that is Obaasama can’t see through it.

Although it affects the mind, it’s just a simple thing, so it does not have a bad influence on the body in any way.
Concretely, they won’t be getting close to this illusionistic space and will be satisfied just from looking from afar.

But, if there’s a proper sense of purpose to approach, then this effect won’t be demonstrated.
Therefore, in most cases, this illusionistic space doesn’t work against Theo and Ellie whose main purpose is to play with me, thus rendering it meaningless to them.
Furthermore, since they would be able to recognize the illusion from reality when approaching, there are proper follow-up sorceries to amend for the errors.

Now then, Ena and Obaasama usually watch me and Reki-kun play from the distance and don’t approach because of the sorcery’s influence.
Since Ena is approaching, she must have some kind of purpose. Well, I can guess her reason.


“You seem comfortable, Lily.”

“Feels good~”


Sprawled on top of Reki-kun with my face buried in his soft and fluffy belly, Ena raised a safe topic.

“Reki is also a good boy for standing still, aren’t you?”


“Reki-kun is a good boy~”


“Fufu… you two are such good buddies.”

“Good buddies~”



Although Ena came here with a purpose, she completely devoted herself to fixing my hair that got disorered by burying my face into Reki-kun’s belly.

The time slowly passed, my hair was put in order and the always calm and gallant beauty overflowing with motherhood started manifesting magical power little by little.
Ena doesn’t release magical power often.
People with a lot of magical power like Claire manifest a lot of times, but Ena doesn’t have that much of magical power in her, so she doesn’t manifest it often.
But, even still, her manifested magical power is gentle and warm.
The warmth that was quite like the warmth of my real mother, Claire, was constantly pouring down on me.


“Lily… you see, it’s my birthday party next, but…”



I felt a little bit of shyness mixed in the gentle magical power that was pouring down on me.
I can tell that Ena’s expression is also a bit embarrassed and that she’s trying to hide it with a smile.


“Last year’s present… do you remember it?”

“Ai. Ena Okaashama.”



The shyness immediately flew somewhere far away with the words I said as Ena embraced me with a smile of a blooming flower.
It was her last year’s present too, but Ena is very delighted when we treat her as our own mother.
The always gallant Ena is being bubbly from happiness.

With the few words I said, it wasn’t only manifestation of magical power that was happening, I could clearly tell just how happy Ena was from the intense flow of her magical power.


“Ahh… you really are adorable… my Lily… will you say it one more time?”


“… Lily… can’t you?”

“On your biwthday~”

“Oh my… fufu… it’s a promise then, okay?”



Ena who was smiling from ear to ear was as beautiful as a Goddess.
She was accompanied by a sweet fragrance that was different from Ellie and Obaasama, a gallant fragrance unique only to her.

Ena who couldn’t hide her smile from happiness was in a truly good mood.
No matter what I say, Ena has broken the spell of the illusionistic space just to ask for this present.
The sorcery wouldn’t break just for a simple sense of purpose.

The timing to talk was just right and because Ena raised the matter of her present herself, it has been decided that she will be Ena Okaasama for a day, just like the last year.
With Theo and Ellie participating, Ena will be surely deredere like a completely different person.


Well, the person in question was greatly satisfied last year, so it will be fine.
Let’s have her become a grandiose deredere this year as well.


Additionally, the three modest us also intend to sing for her.
The practice with Obaasama is also steadily progressing.


Being very pleased, Ena whose birthday had yet to come hugged me tightly and rubbed her cheeks against mine and kissed me all over… well, it was the usual.

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