Nigotta Hitomi no Lilianne – Chapter 183

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Lilianne of the Joy
The first stage of the Christophe family’s birthday rushed has ended… is what you might have thought, but there’s still one remaining.
I will be turning four, but there’s still about a month before that.
It’s my birthday this time, so I don’t have to be flustered with my siblings about the present, nor do I have to practice for anything.
I just have to enjoy myself.

That being the case, I, who was freed from the birthday rush was carefreely developing sorcery in the Reki-kun room as usual with Reki-kun and the fairies.
But, I naturally don’t develop sorcery all the time.
I am properly taking breaks while spectating the heating game battle of Reki-kun and Kuti.
Of course, I participate too.

It does not mean that I have to take a rest when it’s resting time, though.
I am only resting my head, so it doesn’t matter what I do.
Rather, just looking at Reki-kun and Kuti is making me feel at ease.
Sometimes, I enjoy the rest listening to meaningless names of secret skills that are played out in the flashy performance.


“Lancetfish pose plus flaming piece of the lunar somersault-!”



Kuti, who was focusing her soul on the Lancetfish pose opened her mind’s eye, decided to somersault around the moon’s surface while licking her front teeth and mashing the controller.
I could see the life of a star ending in the background, exploding like a supernova.

However, Reki-kun decided to strike back, betting his all on the victory.
Kuti ended up hanging her head down on all fours, but this is the usual, so I wasn’t taking it in mind.
Victory or defeat can be heartless in games.


“Shit! Shit! Just one more! Just one more hit and I would have won!”

“Wafu? (I don’t think even four hits would be enough?)”


Reki-kun doesn’t have time to write during the game, but once it ends, he writes beautiful letters with his forepaws with an unbelievable dexterity.
Even now, I am no match for that beauty.
My wriggling worms that are the letters I write are still letters written by a child.
I am still extremely poor at moving my own body.
However, this can be called inevitable. I am still only a four years old little girl. Right, this is inevitable.


“Muuuuu… ah, right. Lily, isn’t today the day your personal maids receive the reward?”

(Eh? Ah~… it indeed is. I got my fill of mofumofu element from Reki-kun, so I have completely forgotten about the insufficiency. Thank you for reminding me, Kuti.)

“Sure thing~ Well, after becoming able of creating Aether Crystal Bodies, Reki’s fur had powered up, after all~ I am also quite fond of it now~”


(Fufu… it’s Reki-kun’s prided point, after all. I am also happy from being able to enjoy the fluffiness and softness every single day.)



Kuti has been feeling down just a little while ago, but since game is a game, it doesn’t have lasting effects on her.
Kuti who can properly change her mindset is an adult, after all… she’s an adult, probably.

Being praised by Kuti and myself, Reki-kun’s nose grew large like that of Tengu as he boasted of himself.
But, you smash that prideful nose of yours by yourself every day.
Unlike in the past, he doesn’t faint like before when I massage him until total exhaustion, but he shows no signs of learning.
I am pretty sure Reki-kun forgets everything that is inconvenient to him. In his head, there’s only fun every single day.


“Lily, Lacria peeking at you while fidgeting looks really pitiful, you know~?”

(Lacria and others have started noticing my criteria for grading, after all~ They must be thinking that it’s about time. I have been doing it to Reki-kun every day yet it’s about a month since I did it to them last.)

“Yep, yep… that’s… umm… what do I say… erm…”


Kuti as stealing glances at me while fidgeting.
Well, it’s not that I don’t understand.
The gap the girls have from their usual character is too incredible after the deed.
I usually do it in the restroom, so the girls are trying desperately to conceal their voices, but even then, they can’t bear it.
I naturally erect a soundproofing barrier while doing the deed so their passionate voices don’t escape outside, but the girls themselves are not aware of this.


(Fufu… I am going then. Sani sensei, I leave the rest to you.)

“Umu. Leave it to me.”

“Alrighty then, Reki! One more game! I am going to beat you this time! I am going to destroy youuuuu!”

“Wafu~ (see you~)”

(I’m off.)


Synchronizing the movements of the illusionary space that I developed while going out, I approached Lacria as usual.
When Lacria noticed me approaching, her magical power already started releasing at a tremendous rate.
She was overflowing with expectations and excitement, but it did not show on her face whatsoever.
I could say as expected of the Christophe family’s maid here. Even if she’s a first-rate servant, it will be difficult for her to keep her expression and attitude once I taste her mofumofu.



“Yes, Ojousama.”

“Let’s go to the lestwoom togethel~”

“Yes, understood.”

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