Nigotta Hitomi no Lilianne – Chapter 184

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Lilianne of the Distress
“As expected, it didn’t reach the target…”

(Still, it’s 1.5 times more than yesterday, so I think it’s plentily amazing, you know?)

“Thank youu, Liliiin! But you know, you know! The processing capacity is still far from what we thought was initially required! I have to do something about this to make your wish come true! This is my mission! A destiny! It’s my paaaaaaath in life!”


Kuti, who was dejected from the failure somehow came around after I comforted her.
The explosion of anger caused by her own powerlessness and frustration caused her fluffy and wavy her to stand up on its ends, transforming her into a Super Fairyjin warrior.


Ahh… Kuti. I don’t think you should do that to your fluffy and wavy hair.
How to say this… it makes me feel very regrettable…


“However, I didn’t think it would be this difficult for you, Kuti. I was sure you would do at most ten tries to finish, so it’s very unusual.”

“Ugh… Even though I am doing my best to clear Lily’s request that is akin to a supreme proposition! However… howeveeer!”


The Super Fairyjin aura instantly withered, and Kuti fell to her fours in the air.
There are things that even the all-round superwoman that is Kuti cannot do.
However, it’s not like she can’t do it at all, she’s just a bit poor at it. Her performance is improving every time.


(I think that improvement at 1.5 times rate compared to before is incredible, though.)

“That is certainly true. We have never increased the processing capacity to this rate before. But, Kuti’s goal to increase it by another 1.5 times is still a long way off. Isn’t that something to look forward to?”

(It certainly is, but… Kuti, don’t do the unreasonable, okay? I am happy that you are doing your best, but I would be sad if it harmed your body in return…)

“Of course, Lily! There’s no way I would make you sad! I exist only to make you happy, to amuse you, and to love you! My love for you is infinite! Uooooooooh, I am getting fired uuuuuup! Burn, my microcosm! Collect the strongest thing that will destroy the Gods! Uoooooooooh!”


Although she turned into Super Fairyjin just a little while ago, she was now wearing the armor of a constellation, pushing her fist up and blowing an aura she created with magical power, up in the air.
A volcano exploded in the background, a distorted, triangular image of a goat was drawn in the sky, there were even letters around for some reason.
I’m sure that’s the Capricorn.


Kuti, who was brimming over with motivation started operating her Kutipad with great momentum.
Of course, one of her hands was still drawing pictures with magical power, but her writing speed was truly as fast as if she was using both hands.


(I’m glad Kuti feels better now. I’m sure she will be able to manage with this much motivation. No, it’s Kuti, so she will be definitely able to complete it! Do your best, Kuti!)

“Uoooooooh, leave it to me, My Honey! I will do it~! I’m going to do it~! Uoooooooooooh!”


Kuti shouldn’t be able to see my words of magical power since she was staring in her Kutipad, but she still perceived it as if seeing it with her mind’s eye.
The hand that was writing split like a thousand-armed Kannon and her vigor and speed increased even further.


“Good grief. Things should be fine now. Shall we continue our research?”

(Yes, Sensei!)


Only Reki-kun didn’t have a playmate, so he let out a big yawn in boredom.
In this very Reki-kun room, the Kutipad showed alarming signs of evolution.

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