Nigotta Hitomi no Lilianne – Chapter 187.5

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Lilianne of the Awakening
Even though magic fragments are generally synthesized with various materials, it hasn’t been altered this much before.
It’s so different it’s not an exaggeration to call it a new substance.
Still, this magic sheet seems to have inherited the properties of a magic fragment, so it can be classified as a magic fragment.


Eliott managed to create a new substance, unawares.
When I realized this fact, something flipped within me.

It’s almost like all of my thoughts were washed away and Eliott’s passionate talk became incomprehensible.
There were so many ideas filling up my mind and numerous simulations were running actively.


And one of them, was in fact, before me.
Astonished by the reality, my heart was overflowing with delight.


How did I not notice this myself? Why was my vision so narrow?
It wasn’t difficult whatsoever. I found it hard to laugh at myself.

What I realized was…



“My Angel… hiiiiii!?”


Eliott who was talking passionately suddenly froze in place as his eyes opened wide.
Several screams resounded from the surroundings.
Which isn’t surprising.

I was hugging Eliott, after all.


My vision was laughably narrow.
To not notice something this simple, I was needlessly hurried and flustered.
It seems that I am still naive.


“Thank youu~ Eliottoo~”



Eliott was completely at a loss for words, but I was in a great mood so I did not pay much attention to it.
I could no longer hear Ena’s voice screaming in the background. However, that didn’t matter either.


There’s only one thing to do now.


Separating from Eliott whose talking function stopped working, I took a deep breath and put fingers in my mouth.

Next, a high-pitched sound resounded around the hall.

Before the sound even disappeared, a presence appeared at the hall, jumping dashingly over the crowd’s heads and landing directly before me.





Under the stunned gazes of the people that gathered in the hall, I got on top of the head of Reki-kun who lied before me and adjusted my position.
After a brief moment of a floating sensation, I felt that I fell in the right position. I quickly adjusted my position and prepared for the superb movement speed.





Reki-kun who heard my voice broke into a high-speed run which did not put any stress on the passenger.
Instantly leaving the people in the hall behind, we arrived at the destination in the blink of an eye.

The destination as naturally the Reki-kun room.
I promptly developed the illusionistic space, rebooted the Kutipad and wholeheartedly dived in.




“Lily… what happened?”

“I was indeed startled. I have certainly not heard about sorcery that can be used via a flexible magic sheet before, but I doubt my eyes seeing your actions.”

“Right~ I was like: ‘Is Lily cheating on me!?’ for a moment there! But, knowing that you would never do something like that, I immediately changed my mind, you see”

“And so, just what happened there? Rather, what’s that?”


The fairies who also were left behind asked worriedly when they returned to the Reki-kun room.
Kuti seemed slightly downhearted, but immediately rethinking that something like that wasn’t possible, she shook her head to scatter those thoughts.


(Fufufu… I noticed, you see. That I was very tunnel-visioned. When I realized that… I was excited about my ideas that I was unable to contain myself… fufufu.)


I was so excited now that my expressionless face seemed like a thing of the past.
I then showed the two the Kutipad with the project I was working on.
This was the most optimal solution calculated from the results of my instant simulations from a little while ago.


“… Fumu. I see. This is certainly a completely different approach. However, it needs more work.”

“Indeed. But… I see. I was wondering why, but I now realize it’s because this is such a Lily approach to things.”


The two fairies realized what I was trying to do after looking at the Kutipad.


But, I see. Kuti noticed. I have been always like this, so I ended up causing misunderstandings, it seems.


(I’m thinking of taking this to the Unconscious Domain.)

“Umu. Work hard for a few days.”

“Tell me if there’s anything I can do, okay! I will do anything! I mean it~!”


My facial muscles moved, clearly creating a smile after receiving the fairies’ support.
The two were surprised by that, but the next moment, they became entranced and then returned their best ever smiles.

Entering the Unconscious Domain, I felt infinite vitality and overflowing motivation and ideas as my excitement reached the peak.


That day, an unprecedented sorcery that made Kuti and Sani Sensei groan was created.

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