Nigotta Hitomi no Lilianne – Chapter 187

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Lilianne of the Awakening
The frustration from the impatience I felt had completely subsided, and I was able to calm down mentally.
This is also thanks to Reki-kun and Mira’s Lord Tail double play.
If something happens in the future, I will be sure to be in their care again. Yes, definitely.


With my mind and body healed by the Lord Tail double play, my thoughts returned to normal as I saw Ena approaching while I was absentminded. She probably has some kind of business with me.

A clear purpose is necessary to approach the illusionistic space, and the difference between the space and reality will fill itself as a person with a purpose gets closer.
However, the illusion shown is not much different from the reality, so I don’t have anything to worry about.

In the illusionistic space, Ena should be seeing me half-awake after waking up from comfortably sleeping thanks to Reki-kun and Mira’s tail.
When I tilted my head as I directed my gaze towards her, Ena who saw that motion smiled warmly.


“Good morning, Lily. Did you sleep well? I was getting worried because you have seemed strange recently, but you seem to be good now.”


As expected of Ena. To think she would notice my frustration.
Moreover, to think that the overprotective Ena would watch the situation for a few days rather than taking action immediately.
Ena from a little before would surely do something once she noticed my frustration.
But, I’m not sure whether she trusts me now or what, because her overprotectiveness lessened, and she waited out to see the situation.
Ena is growing alongside me. Truly a joyous occasion.


“I wanted to tell you that Eliott apparently has something he wants you to know, Lily. Have you made him make you something again? Your birthday is so near and he had to let you know today, I wonder what it is~”

“Wonder what it is~”




When we both titled our heads in doubt, Reki-kun also got on board.
As the two of us laughed at Reki-kun’s lovely gesture, we moved to the usual hall Eliott used to announce his new works.




“I hope you have been well, My Angel. The thing I want to show you has been made because of the deep impression your wonderful singing voice had left on me, the idea flashed in my mind as if I received a divine oracle… this is the best item I have ever dedicated to My Angel!”

In the usual hall, the craftsmen of the magic tool workshop were standing behind Eliott as usual, while he spoke passionately with exaggerated gestures.
The magical power shimmering in his eyes was beautiful, making it seem like a boy’s pure passion.


Well, Eliott is always like this when he introduces his new creations to me.


While thinking that, Eliott snapped his fingers and one of the craftsmen in the back approached with something in his hands.
His hands must have been covered by a cloth or something as I couldn’t see through it whatsoever.


“My Angel. This is what I wanted to show you this time. I experimented day and night just for you, and I finally have the opportunity to let you see the finished product!”


Eliott who received the package was looking at me with passion… truly burning passion.
Those eyes reflected the difficulties he must have experienced during the experiments.


Slowly, the package in Eliott’s hands has been exposed.
It seemed like a piece of cloth to me.
However, that… is what I saw.
In other words, it had magical power.
If you took a magic sheet and spread it thin, this is what it would look like.
But, it could be also something like a hard board.

At first glance, the item Eliott was showing off seemed to be soft.
However, there are many things that look soft but are actually hard.


“Now… My Angel. Please touch it and confirm!”


You can tell whether it’s soft or hard if you touch it.
When I touched it after urged by Eliott, it was indeed hard.
An object filled with magical power. As a magic tool——it’s soft even though it’s not booting up sorcery.

This is the completed version of what Eliott and his people failed many times.

A magic sheet that preserves magical power, a special material that stores sorcery.
Enormous results can be achieved by combining various materials and various methods.

However, despite the many results that have been produced so far, they weren’t able to achieve softness without activating the sorcery before.
This is a historical achievement.

Eliott has done my great things so far and now he can add another product to the list.


“… Nu?”


While checking the cloth-shaped magic sheet, I suddenly noticed a certain something.
I looked closer at the magic sheet with my eyes that could see only magical power.
I thought this was a magic sheet until now.
No, it certainly is a magic sheet.

It is a magic sheet… but.


“Eliottoo~ is this a sowcely sheet?”

“Yes, My Angel. This is the first version of the flexible magic sheet we were able to create!”


It is a magic sheet, after all.
However, this is a magic sheet?
It certainly would be called a magic sheet in a broad sense of classification.

However, my magic eyes that were able to see magical power in detail were able to see a clear difference.

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