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    Isekai Yururi Kikou – Chapter 172

    Request Fulfillment When we returned to the town, we went straight to the Adventurer’s Guild. Along the way, we were gathering great attention. “My! My oh my! You did something incredible again, Takumi-san~” When we entered the Guild, Keimi-san immediately came to greet us, but she spread the words of surprise and disbelief instead. Allen […] More

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    Heroine of the Broken Engagement – Chapter 39

    Resolving the misunderstanding. “… In the first place, what resentments do you have against me? You wrote about deeds of my parents in the letter…” “… My parents were killed by your father. My parents were cut down by your father when they went to the castle!” Oswald spat out while glaring at Celsior. … […] More