Shomin no Aji – Chapter 344

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Let’s ask to move to the Capital!
“You want to move to the capital earlier?”

During the dinner, I requested Otousama to let me go to the Capital.

“Yes. There’s only a little time left before I enroll in the academy, right?’I have not been in the Capital for long, so I thought it would be better to leave earlier and get used to the environment.”

I informed Otousama of the reason with a smile.
Originally, I am supposed to mingle with the families of friends that are in the same faction as Otousama. What I want is friends, not followers. Fortunately, I made a reassuring ally (friend) in Mariel-chan who is a reincarnated person just like me, so I evaded being a loner…… I think. If I had any other uneasiness, it would be not being able to keep up with the Capital’s trends.
There’s no doubt that I won’t be able to keep up with things like “That place somewhere is popular.” or “That place’s confections are superb.” I cannot do without information and fashion which gives the nobles a leading edge. In order to avoid that, I have to get initiated by Mariel-chan as soon as possible.

“It mostly became warm, so you want to quickly visit the Capital’s market and the company, huh…”

S, sharp! Otousama’s perception is too good…!
Otousama who saw me stiffening after hitting the nail on the head sighed.

“The branch office of the Bastea Company has been relocated to the Capital, so the necessary articles have been handled with the guidance of the Head Chef. You seemed to be thinking about ensuring a stable flow of Yahatul foodstuff a lot after all.”

Nn? I am certainly happy about that, but…

“You are searching for new ingredients to make a new dish, no?”

I have seen through you! Otousama had such expression. Well, I think that coming across new ingredients is good, but I am not an incarnation of gluttony to such degree…

“E, err, that is not my purpose in particular or anything though…”

While feeling down from thinking that I would be rejected and hesitating to speak, Okaasama who was listening in to our conversation spoke up.

“Dear, don’t you think that it’s a good thing that Cristea wants to get accustomed to the Capital quickly? I was just thinking that need to baste her uniform soon.”

Eh? Ahh, Aderia Academy has uniforms. But, baste… weren’t uniforms ready-made? Come to think of it, most of this world’s clothes are fully made-to-order, then there’s something like a semi-order where you decide only on the things like the size, patterns and the fabric used, and then there’s the second hand.
Nobles mainly use fully made-to-order clothes, lower-ranked nobles, merchants, and affluent commoners use semi-ordered clothes, while buying old clothes and patched hand-me-downs are most valuable for commoners.
Since it’s a uniform, is it a semi-order? It doesn’t seem to be ready-made like in my past life.
By the way, the commoner students are able to purchase uniforms that were donated at cheap prices, or rent one straight from the academy. That’s what Mariel-chan told me.

“I asked to select fabric and ornaments appropriate for a Duke’s daughter, so it’s necessary to try the clothes on and adjust them properly.”
“…? Okaasama, what ornaments are you talking about?”

Fabric, that I understand. Clothes made from a fabric that looks good at a glance are obviously different from others. But, what ornaments is she talking about!?

“You would look the same as a commoner or someone of the lower-rank with the basic model after all. I had them use the fabric of the highest grade, with many sophisticated laces and frills. You ought to be distinguished from others. I hope the order turned out good though…”

… She customized the uniform!?
Wa, wait a moment? Wouldn’t this result in the “isn’t that girl too brazen?” bullying pattern in my past life? No way-! I want to have a fun academy life without standing out!
I, I have to quickly leave for the Capital and persuade her to go back to a simple uniform!
Uwaa, I have no time to spare relax in the fief-!

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