Shomin no Aji – Chapter 348

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The messengers of spring.
While preparing this and that for the moving to the Capital, the day of the departure arrived.
The last time we returned via the warp circle, so this time too by all means… I pleaded with Otousama, but as expected, because of the duty of the nobility, we would have to stop one night along the way. However, as there is a lot of baggage because our main mansion will be changing to the Capital’s, all the baggage will be sent via the warp circle. The baggage will be then moved inside and put in order, so we won’t have any inconveniences on arrival.
Nono, have you not considered the inconvenience of traveling!? The unconvinced me boarded the carriage.
Of course, the carriage was loaded with bulky soft cushions for the sake of my butt.

Mashiro and Kurogane who changed into their human forms, Kaguya who stayed in her cat form and Miria boarded the same carriage as me while Otousama and Okaasama got on a different one. We then proceeded towards the Capital.

Ufufu, thinking that I won’t be lectured on the way much, I feel quite good.

“The Capital’s territory is further in the north, so I thought this area would be still snowy, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.”

Miria said while looking outside from the window.

“True. I wonder if thawing came early this year.”

There still seems to be snow in the forest far into a distance, but the highway is snowy only here and there, while I can sporadically see greenery within sight.
The Doristan Kingdom is a country with four seasons, but the Capital is deeply covered in snow during the winter because it’s located in the north, but the south is not like that at all. The life in the north is easy during the summer, so there are apparently many people who visit the Capital’s summer resorts during the season. I would like to visit one someday.
The fief that was bestowed upon the Ellisfeed Household is located to the south of the Capital where it’s warm, so living there is relatively easy. The fief is also facing the ocean with many ports, so there are many people who come to visit the fief’s beaches and lakes during the summertime to cool off. Of course, there’s a decrease in the crops and prey to hunt during the winter, so we have to prepare just like the other territories. During this winter, I donated food to the orphanage which led to only a few children whose condition turned poor, so a letter of gratitude arrived at our mansion. Good, it was worth having so many thoughts.
I asked the Head Chef to continue donating while I am staying at the academy, so I feel at ease.

“The birds announcing the spring will probably arrive to the Capital soon, won’t they?”
“Indeed, they already were in our garden this morning. It’s about time they arrive to the Capital as well.”

Spring-conveying Birds are migratory birds with vivid green colors who fly over when it becomes spring. Because of their color and the fact that they return during the spring, they have been nicknamed the Spring-conveying Birds.
Seeing the Spring-conveying Birds is the signal to start spring preparations, so everyone goes out of their way to prepare for the spring cheerfully.
Me moving before the enrollment into the academy might also be, in a sense, preparing for the spring.
While thinking such, the carriage continued shaking.

That day, we stayed in the town mayor’s house just like the last time.
According to Otousama: “This place must have been on your mind, so I decided to stay here.”
I certainly was worried about the wife of the head mayor who I thought had a taste disorder…

“Lord Duke! Thank you very much for deciding to stay in our town!”

The town mayor came to greet us with a whole-faced smile… eh? Town mayor?

“Ohh, Cristea-sama! Thank you very much for your help last time!”

Eh? It was the town mayor after all… right? He became slimmer and slightly more dandy from before, so I thought it was someone different for a little.

“Yes… umm, I am glad you seem to be doing well.”
“Hahaha, I have slimmed down after that. My wife has also become much livelier.”
“It all thanks to Cristea-sama. Thank you very much.”

The woman who leaned against the town mayor’s shoulder stated while smiling. Eh… Madam? The gloomy shadow that previously hung over the Madam completely vanished, making her, who became slightly plumper, look happy.

“No, I have not done anything. It’s all the result of your great efforts.”
“No, without Cristea-sama’s advice, right now I would be…”
“Now everyone, please rest at ease.”

We who were welcomed by the mayor couple then spent the evening with many delicious dishes the Madam made.

The next day. We decided to leave after having a rather late breakfast. The kind menu consisted of the omelet I taught her the last time.
I could tell that it was made faithfully according to the recipe, so I felt relieved now that things seemed fine.

“We are much obligated.”
“I will pray for your safe travels.”

After we thanked the mayor couple and were about to board the carriage, the madam’s complexion turned a bit pale.

“Umm… are you all right?”
“Yes… ugh.”

Madam crouched while blocking her mouth.
Ehh!? Whawhawhat’s wrong!?

“You! Are you alright!”
“… Do not worry. It’s not an illness.”

Eh? Perhaps…

“Dear, is it perhaps a happy occasion?”

Okaasama who stepped down from the carriage said. Right? It’s really like that, right?

“… I have not been examined by a doctor yet so I cannot be sure, but most likely I…”
“Re, rereally!? You are with a child?”

The town mayor was delighted by the good news of the pregnancy and started panicking in front of his wife.

“ Town Mayor! Stop panicking and get a doctor! After that, make sure her body stays warm!”

After giving the panicking town mayor various instructions, we resumed our slightly delayed travels to the Capital.
The last time too, now this time as well, something happens every time… but, I am glad it was a good-kind of an uproar. It seems that the Spring-conveying Bird came slightly earlier to the town mayor’s house this year.

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