Shomin no Aji – Chapter 350

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Please forgive the demonic remodeling.
The next day, the tailor arrived just as planned.

“This is it.”

What the tailor Sally took out while saying that was a uniform… I think?
Although it was only temporary sewing, so the actual fabric wasn’t used, but there were many laces fitted on it, moreover, they were bountifully incorporated at the front of the collar and the cuffs. Even though it was only a sample of the uniform, I really want to remodel it.


As I stared with my mouth wide open, Okaasama gave instructions to Sally in satisfaction.

“Indeed, this much of laces is fine. All that’s left is the embroidery…”
“I intend on embroidering near the cuffs and the collar, and also the lining of the jacket.”

… Excuse me? You want more?
Moreover, something like embroidering the lining… won’t I look like a delinquent-!
What Sally proposed was a large crest of the Ellisfeed Household embroidered with a golden thread in the middle of the back surrounded with the motif of roses, she showed Okaasama a delicate design she drew.
Wa, wait a moment…? Why can’t I help but think that clothes with so much embroidery would be too heavy to wear? Moreover, I don’t want to wear clothes like that at all~!
Additionally, I am still growing. And yet, wearing a uniform that would fit me so precisely…
Can’t we just assume that everyone would be wearing baggy uniforms that would be too big for them at the school entrance ceremony?
When I asked Miria later she told me: “Commoners aside, dignified nobles like you, Cristea-sama, would have their uniforms remade when they become small.” … h, how wasteful! When people find out that the uniform doesn’t fit your body, you will be losing face for your parents, and “the children will be miserable if satisfactory arrangements weren’t made” so this apparently cannot happen no matter what. Ehhh…
N, not good. This is not the time to be absentminded. If I don’t do anything about this demonic remodeling, I won’t be able to show myself in public!

“Umm… for me, wearing such gaudy uniform is a little bit…”

I don’t want to wear it~

“Cristea, hoping for something simple as you did on the New Years is prohibited.”

Oou, Okaasama rejected me right away… however, I cannot pull back here! For the sake of stress-free school life!

“However, Okaasama. I am enrolling into the academy in pursuit of knowledge, so I believe that gaudy ornaments like this are not necessary.”
“…? What are you saying? That may be possible for gentlemen who will support the country in the future, but when speaking about the purpose behind the enrollment of women who will be protecting the homes in the future, it’s to deepen their social relationships, no?”
“… Eh?”

But, I mean, don’t those with magical power study magic in the school?

“There rarely appear people praiseworthy for their research, but… you are not thinking that you will be one of them… do you?”

Hiii! Okaasama, you are smiling, but your eyes aren’t, you know!? Scary! Too scary!!

“Ye… yesh.”

“Besides, because the New Year’s dress was tailored to your wishes, the women apparently talked how it didn’t suit your status on the tea parties, you know?”

… Well, of course? Rather than that over the top frilly dress, a simple one would stand much more… he, hii!? Okaasama is quietly angry…!
Was she annoyed by people talking behind her back? If so, stopping the demonic remodeling might be difficult… awawa.

“Okusama, this might be impudent of me, but that was an opinion of a small group of people. In fact, it is only a little by little, but I am getting orders for dresses with reserved designs.”

When Sally said so timidly, Okaasama looked at her in surprise.

“My, is that so?”
“Yes, Countess Cornelio and Marchioness Mardrik who are famed for their good tastes praised the dress. They spoke how they admire your way of cultivating the public opinion of your daughter and how they want to raise a modest lady as well…”
“Myyy, is, is that so… indeed, those people really have good tastes. They understood the worth of Cristea’s dress, did they not?”

Okaasama was not dissatisfied and her mood cheered up completely. I am glad.

“In fact, I am already preparing a uniform that was based on Cristea-sama’s New Year’s dress.”

When Sally smiled pleasantly, the servant by her side carried over a box, and she took out a different uniform.


The volume of the base model’s skirt was arranged to be slightly fuller in volume, but it wasn’t overdone and on a toleratable level. It used laces in moderation, kept to an extent it looked casual. If it’s like this, then it would be on my tolerant levels… I think?

“Let’s embroider the cuffs in the same color, so it would seem as if rising to the surface under the light. Also, how about a casual crest of the Ellisfeed Household right under the collar on the back?”

Sally smoothly drew up a design and showed it. Ohh, nice, this looks nice!
The foundation of going big was removed and customized only a little by little. Talking with people who understand you is refreshing.

“… Isn’t this too modest?”

Compared to her own design, this one looked too simple for Okaasama. She understands about going casual now, but she’s bewildered whether something like this is really all right.
If she disapproves here and decides on the first uniform, there’s no doubt that the start of my school life will be greatly impacted. That would be troubling!

“Not at all! I like it very much. Right, if possible, how about adding a special something to the collar and sleeves?
“Collar and sleeves… is it?”

I showed to Sally who stared blankly with gestures.

“Yes. To the collar, you would do it like this… you would then add a laced layer, then you would do it similarly on the cuffs.”
“My… that is a very good idea! Just that would look very gorgeous! If I did it like this…”

Sally simply used a pin to attach said lace to the uniform and showed it to us.

“My, it will completely change feel when it counts.”

Okaasama seemed to be satisfied.

“I would like to go with this, please!”

I have to push through here! I desperately pleaded.

“… Indeed. Sally, we will go with this.”
“Understood. Well then, I will make adjustments to the size, so please, come over here…”

A soft smile floated on Sally’s face as she guided me to the partitioning screen to change clothes.
Y, yaay… although it’s not a complete dismissal, I was able to avoid the demonic remodling~! I did my best! Good girl!

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