Shomin no Aji – Chapter 351

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I would like to thank you.
When Miria helped me behind the partitioning screen to undress from the one piece dress I was currently wearing, Sally who was at the side prepared the temporarily sewed uniform.

“Umm… thank you very much. You really helped me by preparing this uniform, Sally.”

I expressed my gratitude to Sally in a low voice. I mean, no matter how much I refuse, it would be all over if Okaasama said something like: “We have no more time, so just let’s go with this one.”
Thinking about that, I can only be grateful to Sally who prepared the uniform beforehand.
Additionally, it seems that the favorable reviews of the fashion advisers were the final blow. Only a tailor like Sally would have such firsthand information, so I have no doubts about the credibility of her words.

“Don’t mention it. I should be the one saying thanks.”

Sally shook her head while smiling.

“What do you mean by that…?”

My gratitude aside, I don’t think there’s anything Sally should be grateful to me about?
When I tilted my head to the side questioningly, Sally answered me while putting on the uniform on me.

“… I was delighted that the dress was getting more pomp as the ornaments on it increased, but when I had the actual dress worn, the person who wore it grimaced under its weight. Although I only wanted to make a beautiful dress that would make you happy to wear it, there was no way you could be happy after wearing something so heavy. Just what have I made… I lamented.”

Sally skillfully stitched the pins to match my size with a sorrowful smile.

“There, it was you, Cristea-sama, who told me what you want to wear. Seeing the design you wished to have made, I became aware that nobles do not only want to wear clothes that show off their authority and power. A dignified and elegant, a design appropriate for a high-class beauty… I felt that I was not losing my way anymore.”

Err… I am against gaudy clothes, but if slender-looking clothes are out of the question for nobles, how about increasing the quality of the ornaments instead? I had such thought, but I have not thought about it that deeply…
A, all turned well in the end, so isn’t it fine?

“What I said before about Countess Cornelio and Marchioness Mardrik evaluating that dress highly was true. The two tried increasing volume to their slender-styled dresses but seeing you wear the dress so purely, the two were astonished by the exquisite balance of moderation and quality. It made me itch to put my skills to use as well.”

Sally laughed happily.
Ehh? That dress was received so favorably!? I am surprised because I only wanted something plainer than that pomp dress!

“Umm… that is all because you are so skilled, Sally. I just dislike being gaudy. It’s thanks to you.”

It’s also thanks to Miria. I wasn’t able to let Sally understand what design I had in mind with my catastrophic strokes, so I had Miria draw a picture of a simple design at that time. Miria is familiar with my tastes, so she was able to draw a design that aligned perfectly with my preferences. As expected of Miria, having an able maid is really great…

“My, no need to be so humble, Cristea-sama. You are the person who came up with such a fascinating dress after all.”

Yup, it’s all thanks to Miria.

“It’s all thanks to the cooperation of Miria over here. Miria is a wonderful maid who understands me very well.”
“Cristea-sama, I only lent you a hand…”

Miria was being humble while bashful, but she seemed happy from being praised. Nono, it’s the truth after all, okay!

“Oh my… serving a master that treats you with proper kindness, you must be happy.”
“Yes, she is my prided master.”

Ohh? It was my turn to be bashful now.
To be Miria’s prided master, ehehe~!
Huh? But, why do I feel that I always make Miria worry… e, err, let’s pay attention to it in the future… would I be able to do that, I wonder…
While sweating cold because of my own actions, I had my measurements taken.

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