Shomin no Aji – Chapter 353

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This and that of the customized uniforms.
“… I see~ you’ve had it hard.”

I answered the complaints of Mariel-chan who gobbled up the pudding with a wry smile. I have told her about the matters related to my uniform from the other day, but because Mariel-chan lives in the Capital, she already knew the matters regarding the uniforms.

“There were certainly noble customers in uniforms who have visited our company after school and most of them wanted severe customization of their uniforms. However, thanks to that, we cannot judge of what standing our customers are so easily anymore.”

Mariel-chan shrugged her shoulders. I see, because you could tell how rich the children were from the uniform they wore, you were able to prepare beforehand.

“Customized uniforms are for the rich. Therefore: Sell the rich high-quality goods expensively while still selling high-quality goods to not so rich customers at a reasonable price. That is the motto of our company.”

Mariel-chan said so while smiling. You are ruining your cute face, you know!?

“I, is that so…”
“Yeah. Naturally, we take from where it’s proper to take. But, we are not selling anything that wouldn’t satisfy the customers quality-wise, and we also don’t force sales. And for customers who are not so well off, we select the most appropriate items for their budget while expending a great effort so that they would come again to buy from our extensive selection of products.”

I felt relieved looking at Mariel-chan who said: “We want every customer to become a repeat customer after all.” while smiling. I’m glad the Mayor Company is not a shady business…

“But, if a customer like you, Cristea-san, came to us, our employees might be troubled.”

Mariel-chan went “Hmm…” while placing a hand on her chin to think.

“Eh? Why is that?”

W, wait a minute? Calling me a troublesome customer, that’s not too nice, isn’t it!?

“Erm, if it becomes difficult to judge the customers by their attire, I believe the employees would have it the most difficult.”
“Think about it. I do think that judging by appearances is not good, but if the rich kids with their customized uniforms look all the same, the evaluation criteria the employees have used until now is getting lost, if Cristea-san who at a glance looks plain… no, if you come to the store in your uniform with conservative ornaments, even though they might understand that you are noble, they wouldn’t think that you are of the highest rank, right? If they learn that you were a Duke’s daughter later, they might be struck with terror because they were impolite to you.”
“Ahh… you meant it like that.”

However, that about being plain was unnecessary, you know?
Besides, although my ornaments are conservative, the customization itself is quite extensive, alright?
Besides, I might be a daughter of a high-ranking noble, but it’s not like I am the great one. I am fine with being served as a normal customer.
Although I say that, that’s not how things work in this world. That is the most troublesome thing.

“However, it’s not like we are not making high-quality products anymore, so I will make sure to tell Father to support our employees to train their discerning eyes.”

Mariel-chan clapped on her chest. Oou, how manly.

“Ahaha… please do so. By the way, what kind of customization have you done on your uniform, Mariel-san?”

Mariel-chan is a Baron’s daughter too, so she is customizing it, right?

“Me? I have not done any particular customizations that would make me stand out.”
“Ehh, why is that?”
“I mean, even if we are nobles, we are only emerging aristocrats. I will be ridiculed if I try to make poor efforts to stand out. Rather than standing out, looking plain is the way to go.”

Mariel-chan answered quite indifferently.

“Is that so…”

How unfortunate. I thought that a fluffy and frilly uniform would suit her.

“… Well, I will be customizing some things that are out of view.”

Mariel-chan laughed fufu with a smile floating on her face. What, she’s customizing it after all. She was a cosplayer in her past life, so this kind of thing is her specialty.

“Hee, for example?”
“Err, I am making sure that the waist is easier to adjust when I overeat, I will be also attaching a detachable thin layer that would hold a jacket from inside on the cold days, and I will be also wearing above knees short pants so my underwear doesn’t show when I fall down. Something like that?”
“… How practical.”

I stared at Mariel-chan with a scornful gaze. Is Mariel-chan running away from feminity? Even though she’s spoiling her cuteness… but, I am a bit jealous. I want to copy her.

“Ah, but I did add a bit of lacing and frills, okay? They seemed to obstruct the movement, so it’s only a little bit though.”

When I followed up on the panicking Mariel-chan and asked about her adjustments so I could tell about them to my tailor Sally, Mariel-chan told me everything.
Eh? What about my feminity? Nono, if you think about it clearly, cold weather is the girl’s greatest rival, okay? You could say that this is also for the sake of my feminity, alright!? Besides, isn’t having an adjustable waistline the best thing ever?

… Sorry, it seems that I am escaping from feminity as well.

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