Shomin no Aji – Chapter 354

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Mariel-chan is not able to obtain results.
“Which reminds me, I have visited the Bastea Company you have recommended me the last time.”

After switching the black tea to green tea and a sweet bean jelly, Mariel-chan said so as she remembered. Eh, when did she manage to visit our fief? She could have contacted me… as I was about to say that, I recalled that they have a branch in the Capital as well. If I remember correctly, it should been originally just a small side branch. But, because of our Duke’s household purchasing Yahatul’s ingredients, its sales in the Capital have increased and they have relocated from their small building. They also should be sheltering Sei.
Hmm. I came to the Capital earlier than planned, so I would really like to visit them.

“I see. They had many Yahatul… Japanese ingredients, right?”
“Yes…! I thought i was in heaven.”

Right! The first time I visited the one in our fief, I exploded in excitement and went on a shopping spree. Ahh, I have to visit the branch store as soon as possible. Their goods will be most likely the same as the ones in the fief from the most part, but if they have something different even by a chance, I have to buy it.

“And so? What did you buy, Mariel-san?”

In my case, I bought a cask of miso right away, but you would be curious about what Mariel-chan bought, right?
When I inquired with great interest, Mariel-chan muttered with a disheartened expression.

“… I did not buy anything.”
“I did not! Buy! Anything!”

I mean, they have stuff like casks of miso which would make you go on a shopping spree, right!? Even though they all might be important products, I don’t believe they would be that expensive…

“I mean, what they are selling are ingredients, you know? My cooking ability in my past life was abysmal, so I who can only eat outside, go for a take-out, or eat instant noodles, could only look at the ingredients… “

Mariel-chan replied crestfallenly.


I see, Mariel-chan doesn’t cook, so she didn’t know what to buy. Hmm.

“… Do you eat rice at your home, Mariel-san?”
“Rice? We have been able to buy it inexpensively recently, but our chefs don’t know the cooking method, so they prepare it only in a similar way to a risotto.”
“Ehh? You can at least cook it, no?”
“Nono, I am a child that took rice cookers for granted, so the hurdle of preparing rice in this world is too high for me, okay!? I did not cook rice before!”

Now that she says it, she’s right. There was pre-washed rice too, so there are many people who don’t know about rice polishing. However, Mariel-chan’s past life’s eating habits were…

“I will give you a recipe… that might not work either, so I will write you the process so make sure to hand it over to someone after. Then, you will be able to eat it with soy sauce and eggs, right?”
“Soy sauce and eggs…! Y, you don’t mean-”

I nodded at Mariel-chan who looked at me while gulping down her saliva.

“Tamago Kake Gohan!? But, raw eggs are dangerous to eat in this world, aren’t they!?”

As I thought, she’s wary of raw eggs of this world…
However, this is a chance to push forward the unparalleled Tamago Kake Gohan.

“That you don’t have to worry about. You can resolve your worries of fresh eggs by casting Clear magic on them.”
“… Clear magic, you mean that life magic?”

Mariel-chan asked puzzledly.

“Right. You can eliminate bacteria with Clear magic if you are aware of them.”
Having the Image of the elimination of salmonella is very important. Of course, this would be irrelevant to old eggs as you would get an upset stomach anyway.

“Eliminate bacteria… of egg with Clear magic? I have never thought of that before… isn’t your mastery over Clear magic way too good, Cristea-san!? Rather, isn’t Clear magic too omnipotent!?”
“It’s not omnipotent, but… imagination is very important when it comes to magic, so if you have a clear image of what you want, wouldn’t the number of things you are able of doing increase?”

I believe that we, who have various knowledge from our past lives, will be able of many things.

“Whoaa… Cristea-san, you are such a cheat I am not able to follow…”

Mariel-chan covered her face with both of her hands and hung her head down for some reason.
Nono Mariel-chan, you should be able to do it too, you know?

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