Shomin no Aji – Chapter 358

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Let’s ask Kurogane.
“Kurogane, sorry but could you deliver it for me?”

Saying that, I presented the letter for Sei to Kurogane.

“Umu, leave it to me. I will go right away.”

“Wa, wa-waaait!? You are going by warp?”
“Yes, I am?”

Kurogane doesn’t know what being prudent means. First of all, is warping even safe here?

“I have already estimated Byakko’s location. I will move to an unpopulated place close by where we will meet.”

Ah, he’s a prudent person. I am glad to hear that.

“I see. Ah, right. Since you are going, why don’t you bring them refreshments too?”

Byakko-sama and others are big gluttons so it’s highly possible that they have already reached the bottom of what I gave them before.

“… Lord, aren’t you a little too good on those fellows?”
“Yeah, you are spoiling them too much, you know?”

Because the food I make has my magical power in it, my Sacred Beasts can’t accept giving it to others.

They won’t stop me from doing it, but their desire to monopolize is still going on full throttle.

“I’m not really intending on giving them my magical power, I just want Sei to enjoy the food of his birthplace.”
“I know that you are kindhearted Lord, but were those guys not in a contract already, I would try to stop you no matter what I would have to do.”
“That’s right, that’s right.”
“Gee. Isn’t it thanks to Byakko-sama that you were introduced to me? Don’t be saying that.”
“I know. That’s why I am undertaking this task.”

Kurogane sighed and received the many foods I retrieved from my Inventory.

“Tell Sei, Byakko-sama, and others hi for me. If possible, I would like them to read the letter and let me know what to do next.”

I want to know whether we won’t have to wait until the enrollment or keep feigning ignorance until that time.
Personally, pretending would be so tedious, and I don’t believe that those gluttons will be able to endure, so I would like us to “become acquaintances” here.

“Won’t they be not able to decide what to reply right away? I can just get their reply tomorrow.”
“Thank you! That would help.”
“… Seems like we are spoiling you just as much. Lord, I would like to eat bacon when I return.”
“Leave it to me! I will give you thick slices.”

If that’s so, why don’t I make saké too!
I have to spoil everyone equally.

“Umu. I’m off.”

Saying that, Kurogane warped away to deliver my letter to Sei.

“How nice, bacon…”

Mashiro who wasn’t able to help me thought that he wouldn’t get any and was dejected.

“Oh my, I have bacon for you too, you know?”
“I mean, you are on the guard duty until Kurogane returns, no? Naturally, I have to reward you.”
“! Yeah! I will guard you with all my best!”

Mashiro hugged me tightly.

“Ehehe… I love you, Cristea.”
“Thank you. I also love all of you.”
“You can love only me, you know?”
“Geez, don’t say that.”

Ah~ Mashiro is so cute!
My child is so cute!
While I was mofumofuing Mashiro, Kaguya was pushing her paw pads against my arm.

“Naturally, you will give bacon to your dear me as well, right?”
“You are useless Kaguya, so no!”
“What did you say!?”
“Now now, didn’t I tell you no meals if you fight? If you two fight any more than this, there won’t be bacon for either of you, okay?”
“”Ugh! … Got it.””

They say that you fight if you get along, but I wonder about that.

“I have no complaints if there’s a share for me.”

Kaguya huddled next to me.

“Kaguya, you should be more useful to Cristea.”

Mashiro was resentful because he thought that Kaguya was only playing and not guarding me properly.

“Oh my, Kaguya is also working hard, you know? You always patrol the mansion’s grounds, don’t you?”

According to Miria, Kaguya is walking around the grounds of the mansion as if searching for something since we arrived at the Capital. I thought she might have been looking for suspicious people.

“!! T, there’s no way it’s like that! I, I was, you know, that. I was just being mindful to get enough exercise!”

Kaguya said in panic and turned away to sulk on the bed.
She’s so not honest with herself. This Tsundere-san!

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