Shomin no Aji – Chapter 363

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Sei and tea ceremony.
“… Oh my, so you are also enrolling in the academy in spring?”

Mariel-chan spoke to Sei with her big eyes sparkling.
After being taught about the tools and the tea ceremony, we ended up having a silly conversation about the academy.

“Yes, I will be enrolling in the Aderia Academy as an overseas student. I have crossed the sea after preparing for a year in Yahatul. The Bastea Company has been taking care of me since then. Are you guys also enrolling?”

Sei replied with a gentle smile.

“Yes! Me and… ah, pardon me. My name is Mariel Mayor. She is Cristea Ellisfeed-sama. We are also entering the academy in spring!”

Knowing that Sei will be our classmate, Mariel-chan seemed delighted.

“I am also sorry for my late introductions. My name is Sei Shikishima. It seems that we will be classmates in the spring.”
“I am Cristea Ellisfeed. Let’s get along.”

Ugh, I feel embarrassed about introducing myself now and I can’t feel but guilty from keeping this secret from Mariel-chan.

“Pardon me if I am wrong, but by Mayor-sama, do you perhaps mean the one from the Mayor Company…?”

Oh my, it seems that Sei is familiar with Mariel-chan’s surname.

“Ah, yes. The Mayor Company is being managed by my father.”

Mariel-chan seemed a bit awkward, perhaps because Sei realized that her family was people of the same business.

“Is that so? I heard the president of this company acknowledging the Mayor Company’s business before. Your father possesses a wonderful discerning eye.”
“M, my, that’s… embarrassing. Our company deals with everyday goods, not works of art like this company, therefore, we only deal with small business.”

Mariel-chan replied shyly.

“Oh my, it’s precisely because they are everyday goods that he’s a person of a discerning eye, you know?”

Being able to select good things from among things that are used daily is very important.

“Gee, you too, Cristea-san? Nothing will happen even if you flatter me, okay! … I will make sure to tell father, though!”

Mariel-chan was embarrassed, yet happy.

“Cristea-sama is the daughter of Duke Ellisfeed, I see. President seems to be greatly indebted to your family.”

Sei changed the topic towards me with a smile.
In any case, this is my “first” encounter with Sei in the Bastea Company.

Geez. Sei is too good at making a poker face.
I am miserable to be the only one feeling nervous. Unlike the hit-or-miss me, he’s trying to set the table so we can get properly acquaintanced… I have to make a feat to thank him later.

“Yes, I love the food made with Yahatul ingredients this company deals with.”
“As a Yahatul person, your words make me happy. I also thought that I won’t be able to taste my hometown after coming to this country, so I am greatly thankful to the Bastea Company.”
“I am also happy knowing that I can obtain the ingredients even in the Capital. Ahh, right. If there’s an opportunity, I would like a Yahatul person like yourself to taste the Yahatul cooking of our chefs.”
“That is a very welcome proposal. If there’s an opportunity, I would like to partake by all means.”
“Yes, please do so.”

Alrighty. With this, I have not officially acquaintanced myself only with O-Sei-chan, but Sei too.
Sei seems happy too, I am glad.
… Suzaku-sama, please don’t freeze in place all of sudden after hearing about food… nothing will come out even if you look at me with that expectant gaze of yours, okay?

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