Shomin no Aji – Chapter 366

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Tea at our house.
We have decided to go back straight to our house to have a tea after finishing the shopping at the Bastea Company.
Returning home, I had Miria contact the Mayor Household that I have invited Mariel-chan over.
We moved to the Cat Room parlor, where I had Miria prepare a tea set for us and then I decided to clear out the room out of people.

“Now then. Why don’t we try the tea we just bought?”

When I said so, Mariel-chan joyfully nodded without objection.
I retrieved Sencha we just bought from my Inventory, and immediately boiled it.
I have no utensils for making Japanese tea, so I substituted them with a teapot for now.
Hmm, I would like to gather all the tea utensils next.

Putting the tea leaves into the teapot, I poured hot water into the mugs, then I transferred the water from the mugs into the teapot once it cooled down to a suitable temperature. This is to cool the hot water to the proper temperature that makes Sencha delicious and to measure the amount of water. And also to warm up the teacu… mugs.
I put on the lid and waited for about a minute, then poured the tea into the mugs.
I poured the tea into the mugs little by little in the opposite order in which the water was initially added so that the consistency is even.
I kept pouring until the last drop. This last drop is called golden drop and there’s a saying that it draws out the tea’s deliciousness.
In coffee’s case, it would ruin the coffee, so you must not do this, though.
Squeezing out the last drop is also to make sure that it tastes good from all the mugs, isn’t it? Umu, it’s quite profound.

“Now then, enjoy.”

When I took out Dorayaki for tea-cakes, everyone joyfully extended their hands.

“… N~ yummy! As expected, the affinity of Sencha and Dorayaki is the best!”

Mariel-chan smilingly stuffed her cheeks with Dorayaki.

“Umu. I thought Dorayaki was too sweet for me, but it’s just right when drunk with this tea.”

Kurogane has completely gotten used to Japanese teas, and green teas seem to be his favorite.
I should buy a larger teacup for Kurogane next time.

“Dorayaki is delish. I will be fine even if the tea is bitter.”

Mashiro has a sweet tooth, so he seems to be poor with Sencha that has no sugar in it.
What kind of teacup would be good for Mashiro, I wonder?
Mashiro gives off a plump-ish impression, so something adorable would be nice.
As for me… I like simple ones with plenty of capacity. I better look through the Bastea Company wares again.
Otousama would be sulkish if I only bought them for us, so I better buy something for everyone. A matching couple teacup with Okaasama might be good for him.
For Oniisama, one that looks elegant and cool.


Being addressed by Mariel-chan, I noticed that I was absentminded.

“Ah… oh my, pardon me. I was thinking about something absentmindedly.”
“Thinking about something?”
“We don’t have a small teapot nor teacups, so I was thinking that I ought to buy them. I started thinking about what kind of teacups would everyone like and ended up absentminded.”
“Isn’t this teapot just fine?”

Mariel-chan knows that the tableware from Yahatul is treated as haughty works of art, so she finds it wasteful.

“Hmm, it’s fine as a substitute, but I could supply the tea leaves more stably, and I think I would like it more rather than keep using a substitute in the future.”

How do I say it, I feel a bit uncomfortable not drinking green tea from a teacup…

I have used café au lait bowl-like tableware for Matcha before as well, but seeing Sei’s beautifully fluid actions today, I ended up thinking that I want the real deal.

“I see. But, as expected of the Ellisfeed family. Using works of art for a daily use.”

Mariel-chan admired “How rich~”

“Gee, stop it already, alright? They are imported goods, so it can’t be helped that nobles who don’t know their true value buy them as art pieces for high prices. I would also like if they were cheap.”

However, it’s also necessary for the nobles’ wealth to flow around, so I think I am fine with it.
I believe I would be able to make teacups and a teapot with earth magic if needed.
But, although the taste from such boorishly made tea utensils might taste good, I would feel sorry if Otousama, Okaasama, and Oniisama had to use those.

“Hey, does that mean you intend on going to the Bastea Company again?”

Mariel-chan asked with great interest.
She definitely wants to tag along. I have no doubts that she will want to get information about Byakko-sama by all means this time.

“Hmm, I might have them bring them over as I wanted to choose for the family too.”
“Eh~… I see. I wanted to tag along~”

As I thought.

“What you are interested in is Sei-sama, isn’t that correct, Mariel-chan?”
“Ugh! How did you know!?”
“It’s easy to understand. With that frank attitude of yours, you did well until now to not let the surroundings think that you are weird.”

I sighed out in exhaustion.

“Nono, I usually mimic young ladies perfectly, you know? See? How is this obedient, reserved, not noisy and not standing out mimicry of a graceful young lady?”

Mariel-chan, I won’t see anything if you keep that smug on your face.

“Eh! Are you perhaps cosplaying before!?”
“No, it’s not a cosplay. I was given such appearances when I was born, so I thought of making use of it.”

Mariel-chan laughed “Ehehe.”
Ugh, cute! But, her insides are rotten, so everyone would find it unexpected. Even I was deceived, after all…

“Your appearances are sham…”

Mariel-chan was dissatisfied when I said that without thinking and with my strength drained.

“Cristea, what’s cosplay?”

I reacted to a word that Mashiro should never learn.

“! Are you interested, Mashiro-sama? You see, cosplay is…”
“Stoooop right theeeere! I won’t let you drag Mashiro onto that path, alright!?”
“Ehh!? It’s fun, you know!? Right! Cristea-san, let’s take this occasion and do it now, okay?”
“Nono, what are you trying to bring to this world!?”
“… I have no idea what they are talking about, but I am happy that Lord seems to be having fun.”
“Yup, yeah… but, is this bad feeling I have just my imagination?”
“What a coincidence. I also have a bad feeling.”

Kurogane and Mashiro were having such conversation while watching the exchange between Mariel-chan and I, but since I was too absorbed in my conversation with Mariel-chan, I did not hear them at all.

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