Shomin no Aji – Chapter 367

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How is the progress?
“That reminds me, Mariel-san. How are your school preparations going?”

While leisurely enjoying tea, I inquired from Mariel-chan all of sudden.
We are being carefree, but it wouldn’t be good if we didn’t start preparing already, right?

“Preparations? Let’s see… my uniform has been already finished, I got all the stationery from our company… all that’s left is to confirm and buy what I am missing for the life in the dormitory.”

Mariel-chan replied after thinking “N~”. Come to think of it, Mariel-chan’s family deals with goods on the extensive range, so they have mostly everything, right?

“Is that so… ah, I will have to rely on Mariel-san for the stationery, won’t I?”
“Thank you for your patronage~! … Huh? Did my Father not deliver the goods already? Since the set had a crest, I was sure it was Cristea-san’s though…”

This is my first time hearing something like that. I have not ordered anything and nothing has been delivered to me.

“Eh? W, was that perhaps supposed to be a present from your family or something? S, sorry! I did not think it could be a surprise!”

… That is a possibility. Since it was Baron Mayor himself who delivered the goods, the one to order it might have been Otousama.

“No, it’s fine. I will pretend I did not hear anything.”
“Uwaa, I have no excuse~! Ugh, I am not worthy of calling myself a merchant’s daughter…”
“Now, now. I had no idea about it either, so it couldn’t be helped.”

Mariel-chan was nearly sobbing, but it does not change the fact that I am happy that it was prepared for me, so I am fine with it not being a surprise.

“I’m saying it’s fine. Hmm, what set was it? Is there anything I need to buy additionally?”
“Well… not in particular. The well-selling line-up of our company is sold in several levels of quality and what was bought was a full-set of sort.”
“I, is that so…”

I don’t want to be carefree when it comes to this, but I was also slightly disappointed because I thought that Mariel-chan might have chosen the things for me.

“Umm, how about we go shopping together if there’s something you are missing? I will guide you around!”

Seeing me dejected, Mariel-chan followed-up in a panic.

“… Right! Let’s do that!”

That’s right, shopping or having tea with a friend after school or on the weekends has been a dream of mine!
I was able to make a friend in Mariel-chan, after all. We will be able to go out like today again~ fufu, I am so looking forward to it!

“All that’s left is the dormitory things then. What things does that include?”

That reminds me, I should have asked Oniisama. The fundamentals shouldn’t be different between men and women.

“Right, mainly things for personal grooming and wardrobe. In Cristea-san’s case, I feel that you should be careful not to bring too many things rather than not bringing enough, though.”

Everyone is prone to worrying or rather overprotective, so I have no doubts that I will have too much baggage after everyone tells me to bring this and that with me.

“Ah, but you do have the inventory, so you should be fine, no?”
“Ah, right. That’s right.”

If it’s my inventory that boasts of large capacity, then I should be fine even with a lot of baggage.
Snacks and Japanese food is also secured in the inventory.
… To think my school preparations would consist only of food.
N, no, you see, you can’t obtain Japanese food so simply, right?
I have to prepare it so I can eat it any time I feel like it, right?
Reflecting on my own preparations, I decided to go over things later with Miria.

“Rather than that, what about the two Sacred Beasts? You are keeping them secret, right?

Mariel-chan’s question was understandable. This is a problem I have been postponing for a while now.
I had thought about it, but the two might come out to the public soon, no, they will, won’t they… haah.

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