Shomin no Aji – Chapter 369

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That’s a huge misunderstanding!
“What do you… mean?”

The word “unsightly” was hard to ignore, but let’s leave that aside. What does she mean that everyone was noisy…?

“You see, speaking of the Ellisfeed Ducal Household, you are THE distinguished family among the distinguished families within the Doristan Kingdom. The patriarch Steward-sama is highly regarded by His Majesty while his eldest son Norman-sama who is a good friend of His Highness the Crown Prince shows a great promise as His Highness’ right-hand. Yet, the daughter of such Ellisfeed Household, Cristea-san, has been confined in the fief, those who saw her could be counted on the fingers of one hand. People always talked rumors about what kind of person you are.”

By rumors, she means that, right? The Repulsive food eating lady.

“No one saw your appearances and you have created many outstanding recipes since young… however, people thought that the recipes were originally failure works of the chefs which your overly-doting parents registered under your name, but seeing those recipes complete made people always shocked.”

That’s ridiculous.

“Although, everyone was still sure that the recipes were devised by the Ducal household’s chefs. But, people then heard that the chefs of the Ducal household… the Head Chef in particular, were full of admiration towards you, so the rumors started doubting whether the recipes were really made by you.”

Head Cheeeef! Just what are you doiiiing!?

“Moreover, when you started spreading the use of unappetizing grains… rice, that was originally used as fodder, the meals of the poor got better, if only a little.”

Ah, is that so? I didn’t know.
I am genuinely happy about that.
I certainly did hear that because the servants started eating rice, their families were able to eat until full.

“However, it’s not normal to think of eating animal fodder. The repulsive eating lady rumor is told among the nobles, not the cooks.”

Umu, that’s reasonable.

“But, His Highness the Crown Prince and Her Majesty denied such rumors, and spoke how they are looking forward every time to buy the recipes you make from your family.”

Fah!? What’s that, I never heard of that!?

“That being the case, the good rumors and the bad rumors got entangled, and your existence was wrapped in mystery.”

Nono, I am at most a simple lass who is going to enter a school, okay? Something like being wrapped in mystery… nobles are not that free, no?

“There, a young lady appeared by Norman-sama’s side at the New Year’s. With an attractive face and figure, with conduct that left adults feeling embarrassed, a refined young lady… just who is the young lady accompanying Norman-sama!? Eh? That is the rumored Cristea-sama!? Just as people were bewildered, you have disappeared from the hall, and who would have thought that Norman-sama and even His Highness would be looking for you in a panic?”

A, ahh, that thing? That time I got lost in the royal palace, huh. I would like to chase it away like a dark history it is…

“In the end, you returned being escorted by His Highness himself, right? After that, when you greeted His Majesty and revealed your background, it got really terrible. His Highness who usually doesn’t pay attention to young ladies when they try to speak to him was intimately talking with you, so the topic ‘Isn’t she a major contender to be His Highness’ fiancée!?’ was quite hot for a while among the high society.”
“Why that much?”

I mean, His Highness and Oniisama are good friends, you know? To be acquaintanced with his little sister wouldn’t be strange at all, no?
… Wouldn’t you normally think so?

“You have shown a perfect courtesy that didn’t match your age, and you were having an intimate conversation with His Majesty and Her Majesty, so people thought whether you haven’t started the Queen’s training already.”
“Eeeeeeh!? That’s not true, not true at all!”

What a tremendous misunderstanding. My courtesy is the fruit of the Spartan education of my manners teacher, Retia.
His Majesty aside, the only reason I am close to Lily-sama is because she’s Okaasama’s best friend.

“I know that is not the truth because I can talk to you like this, but the surroundings don’t know.”

H, how troublesome…!

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