Shomin no Aji – Chapter 371

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I am not peerless!
Haah… there seem to be many misunderstandings floating around which I would like to resolve some way or other, but rumors won’t get erased by showing my face alone. How troublesome.

“Oh no, I have to go home soon.”

Mariel-chan was leaning forward but she suddenly became aware of time and started preparing to return home.

“Oh my, it’s that time already? … Since you are already here, you should return after having dinner.”
“That would be too impudent of me, sorry but I better return. Besides, my parents must be worried about me saying something careless.”

Mariel-chan declined my proposal by shaking her head.

“I see, how unfortunate. Please come to play and sleep over the next time. Wait a moment, I will arrange a carriage for you.”
“Thank you. That will help.”
“You are welcome.”

I asked Miria to prepare a carriage.

“Ah, right. I intended to give this to you as a present to take back, yet I completely forgot to give this to you.”

I retrieved homemade bacon from my inventory.

“Ahh!? This is the current hot topic of the Ellisfeed family, the reverently made bacon!?”

What’s that?

“Gee, you really are poorly informed of rumors, aren’t you! Even though it’s a specialty of your own fief!”

Specialty, she says? The bacon’s production has just started, though. It is currently being handled only by the Adventurer’s Guild, so I don’t think it should be a popular topic at the moment.

“An adventurer who came from the Ellisfeed fief got his hands on the bacon and boasted about it here, in the capital, which spread its fame. The rumor is that it’s a super piece of recipe that is reverently made solely by the Ellisfeed family, you know? It’s only natural that it tastes good then! The bar boss who purchased the remaining piece of bacon from the adventurer shouted ‘Delicioooous!!’ the moment he tasted it. His yell apparently caused a lot of ruckus.”

Why are you making a ruckus about something like bacon…!?

“After he was asked how he obtained that bacon, he told them that it’s Ellisfeed fief’s Adventurer’s Guild’s limited sale. There’s talk that the Capital’s Adventurer’s Guild wants to order periodical delivery! If adventurers take on the escort request, they can apparently also earn a little bit of extra money…”

This is my first time hearing about this. I wonder if the Guild Master of the Ellisfeed fief’s Adventurer’s Guild, Tirie-san, knows about this?
Ah, I am worried whether it would bring trouble for the fief because of the limited supply.
I hope the guild won’t find faults with the smokehouse workshop of our Ellisfeed family.
I am not worried because our family employs the beastman, Silver Wolf Ash-san, to be in charge of the delivery of goods, but although he may be strong, I am worried that he may get targeted by the adventurers… hmm. I’m worried.
I have to ask Otousama.

“Cristea-san? Is something the matter?”

Mariel-chan seemed to be worried about me who sank in silence. Not good, not good.

“No, it’s nothing. I did not know that bacon is such a topic in the capital… I will talk with Father later.”
“Say, is this matter also linked to you, by some chance?”

What do you mean by any chance. It is, though.

“Well, yes. When, I attempted to make smoked foods, it was made a fief business all of sudden…”
“As I thought. You are so, so peerless that my thoughts can’t catch up with you…”
“I am not peerless or anything, alright?”
“… Having no self-awareness is frightening…”

Eh~? What do you mean? No self-awareness?

“Cristea-san’s achievements increased again, did they not…”

That’s it. I was not aware, but because I was involved in the project, my worth is going to increase again, no? I have to consult with Otousama about this too.

“Cristea-san, seriously, please be careful, okay? I am already worried that you are going to do something in school.”
“Aw geez, there’s no way something like that’s going to happen. You are too much of a worrywart.”

… Probably.

A coach has been prepared in the meanwhile, so I made a sleeping over promise with Mariel-chan and sent her off after giving her bacon for a present.

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