Shomin no Aji – Chapter 373

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Ahh, how troubling.
When I went to ask Otousama about the bacon’s matter, I was tasked with making sausage for some reason.
You may not understand what just happened, but I also don’t know.

“How did it become like this…”

I should have not associated sausages with smoked foods.
However, I don’t think I would be able to escape Otousama’s persuasion anyway.

“Sausages, huh… what do I do?”

Sausage is ground meat seasoned with spices held in intestines… stuffed in an animal internal organ.

Err, Vienna was made with sheep, Frankfurt with pig, and Boronian with cow intestines, was it? Although their thickness is different, they are all sausages.
Popping meat juices of a boiled sausage. They are delicious in both pot-au-feu and oden… ah, I could make hot dogs with sausages!
Ahh, the more I recall them the more I want to eat them.

“Ahh, but the hurdle is too high…”

Sausage… sausage… intestines… yep, using internal organs is the bottleneck.
In this world, monster meat is not only eaten, but also prosperous for husbandry.
I heard that cow-type and wild boar-type monsters are relatively calm in character and are domesticated for food.
It seems that monsters were tamed first, and developed into the present livestock industry.
There are no things as selective breeding like in my past life, but they have become easier to handle.
If so, don’t you think it would be fine to eat monster meat?
There’s a reason it’s eaten.
It’s delicious.
Moreover, stronger monsters are apparently tastier.
Such monsters are also maneaters, though…
It’s said that strong monsters selectively eat beings with high magical power…
Perhaps, we humans too, seek monsters with strong magical power… and so, I had such scary thoughts while getting chills, so I shook my head to stop myself from thinking further.
Not good, not good, my thoughts had derailed.

Anyhow, whichever meat you eat, it’s normal for the internal organs to get buried or incinerated after dismantling, or so I’ve heard from Shin who can do simple dismantling himself.
Hmm, but internal organs can be delicious if prepared properly, yet they are not eaten in this world?
It’s truly wasteful for someone like me, whose favorite foods include dishes like Motsu Nikomi (stewed pork intestines) and Horumonyaki (fried beef or pork offal).
In that case, I should popularize them myself! … Is what I would like to say, but if someone like me who has gotten a disgraceful nickname of the Repulsive food eating lady did something like that, that very status will become unshakeable. I would like to avoid that no matter what.

“Hmm… let’s consult with Shin.”

I might be able to get some information out of him.
No time like the present, I headed towards the kitchen.

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