Shomin no Aji – Chapter 375

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A pioneer was here!
There were people in this world who eat internal organs, after all!
All things considered, for there to be someone in this world who overcome the high hurdle of eating animal organs, how bold.
Asking Head Chef to get the information as soon as possible might have been good.

“I don’t know the details, but I heard this first happened when the people from the slums went searching for food at the dismantling places.”

… So it exists in the Capital too. No, I should think that it exists because this is the Capital.
The tutor did say that many people in the fiefs can’t bear the heavy tax and abandon their fields to strike it rich in the Capital only to fail.
Luckily, I heard that the relationship between our Ellisfeed Household and its people is good, so I was a bit skeptical about the existence of slums, but it seems to be true.
If the slums really exist, then internal organs, even if found filthy, must be circling around.
And because they have it difficult, they surely thought of ways to consume them.
I see, internal organs are the fine food of slums.

“Yes. The Slums. I thought that it was not something Cristea-sama should be hearing about, however… should I continue?”

Head Chef misunderstood that I found hearing about the slums unpleasant because I was deep in thoughts, so he looked at me anxiously.

“Yes, of course. Please continue.”
“Well then, excuse me… they tried to somehow make it edible, but because it originally stank, and because it creates even more unthinkable stench when a mistake is made during the process, they eat it only in small amounts.”

Certainly, internal organs have to be washed properly, and some kind of pre-treatment is necessary to remove the odor.
Depending on the part, it might not be edible even if it doesn’t stink much.

“It seems that they ate without being able to make it taste better, but there, a certain person appeared.”
“A certain person?”
“Yes. Because of the clothes that person wore, they did not seem to be from the slums.”
“Eh, was it perhaps a noble that went to the slums…?”

Wouldn’t it be like saying “Please rob me?” Isn’t that way too risky?

“I don’t know whether they were noble, but that person was very knowledgeable about animals, and were apparently quite good at dismantling themselves.”
“Knowledgeable about animals…”
“Yes. That person apparently expressly came for the monster offal.”
“Eh? Expressly for the offal?”
“Yes. He purchased all monster entrails that were thrown away.”

Ehhh, I can only feel something bad coming out of this, though…

“In addition, it’s said that they gave instructions for the methods of offal preparation and the half-doubting citizens did just that. The parts they could eat increased since the person’s visit, so they seem to be very grateful to them.”

Nn? Isn’t this is some unforeseen development…?

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