Shomin no Aji – Chapter 376

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That’s prominent information.
“… And so, this is from a conversation I’ve overheard at the Adventurer’s Guild’s meat purchasing counter and idle gossip from those who come to deliver us ingredients.”
“Eh? Was this story all lies?”

What, I could consent with the offal processing story, and I felt a bit suspicious about the nicely-dressed person! Even though I was getting excited…

“Ah, no. It’s no lie that people of the slums are processing the offals, and in fact, ever since the people of the slums have been enthusiastically placing offal processing requests. It’s just no one knows the identity of the mysterious person, so… it’s doubtful whether they really exist.”
“My, is that so…”

Anyhow, it’s a piece of good news that there are people who eat the offals.
It’s unfortunate that the mysterious person will stay unidentifiable, though…

“I thought it was idle gossip up until now, but I did not think you would be interested in this, Cristea-sama. I should have inquired more…”

Seeing the dejected and disheartened Head Chef, I followed up in a panic.

“No. I’ve obtained prominent information thanks to you, Head Chef. If you get to know something else, please make sure to let me know, okay?”
“Yes! Certainly! I will seize the person in charge of the delivery of goods and make them spit it out!”

Head Chef revived with such vigor I thought I saw him barking with a tail swaying.
Wha, wait a moment. What are you planning on doing with the deliverer after catching them?
Won’t Head Chef become a criminal at this rate!

“You don’t have to be so unreasonable! Just overhearing as you did before is enough!”
“However, if it’s for Cristea-sama’s sake, then…”
“It’s fine! Look, if you ask so persistently, won’t they conversely get suspicious and won’t tell you anything? Besides, I would be grateful if you probed for other rare ingredients. It might turn into a hint for a new product, after all.”
“Just act naturally, okay?”
“Of course!”

Haah… I am afraid of Head Chef’s means when it comes to accomplishing his objective.
I am glad I obtained useful information, but I might be more careful from now on when asking or requesting Head Chef of something.

“I will leave it to you. Say Shin, what does the Adventurer’s Guild in our fief do with the internal organs?”

When the mood changed and I directed the topic towards Shin, he didn’t seem to think I would involve him in the conversation there as he got startled.

“… If Adventurers dismantle the prey after taking it down, they usually bury it into a deep hole or incinerate it. Many people carry the prey in their item bags to the guild where they get it dismantled, but the organs would give off a stench so I believe the processing of organs would be done in the outskirts. The people of the lower parts of the town who are in the field would be able to earn some small earnings.”

I see. Although the town doesn’t have slums, the job is still there.
I don’t know whether those people eat the organs just like the people of the slums do here, though.
Let’s ask the Guild Master, Tirie-san, in detail the next time.

“I see, thank you. I will be depending on you if I have something else to ask.”

When I said that and started leaving, the excited Head Chef caught up to me and inquired.

“Umm, Cristea-sama, have you come up with a recipe that uses the offals?”

Ugh, the gaze full of expectations.

“No, err, yeah. I got all curious when I heard the rumors about eating offals. But, the subject is what it is, so please keep it secret, okay?”
“Is that so… if you, by any chance, get an idea for a new product, please discuss with me by all means!”
“Thank you. Then, I will excuse myself here.”

Before he could inquire more from me, I swiftly left the kitchen.

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