Shomin no Aji – Chapter 377

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[LN Volume 3 Release Extra] Certain Baron’s daughter’s story.
My name is Mariel.
I am the daughter of Baron Mayor who was originally just a president of a company, but because of his various achievements, he was awarded with a peerage.
Being raised as a merchant’s daughter, I did not want to get used to the ways of the nobility, but I had no choice.

Such a girl like me saw an incomprehensible dream from the past.

Building and clothes of weird shapes, carriages that drove without horses, vehicles from iron flying in the skies…
In my dreams, I was a girl of curious appearances with black hair and eyes, and I seemed to be working in a healing place.
I have been occasionally seeing such dreams since I was young, but I thought they were just strange dreams, so I was just curious and not frightened at all.
In that dream, once I finished working at the healing place, I would go to a building where many employees had a room, went inside the room that belonged to me and absorbed myself in reading books.
The letters were in strange shapes too, but I was able to read them for some reason.
There were not only letters though as there were pictures as well.
It’s a mystery why there were so many pictures of men in love with each other, though.
But, I seemed to be having so much fun reading it, so I did not avoid these feelings of bliss.
In my dreams, I would also occasionally sew clothes diligently and did make-up.
It appears that dressing up as someone different was my hobby.
I was not dressing up only as women, but also as men. I know, shocking.
I was apparently trying to imitate my favorite characters from stories, but it was impressive seeing so many people with the same hobbies as me having so much fun.
Everyone had so much fun, they were sparkling.

After having fun with everyone, we moved to a bar where we ate and drank alcohol and talked about various things.
There, I spoke to many people who read the same stories as me.
On my way back, I was filled with happiness while strongly thinking to do even better the next time.

Right, right. The food I ate in my dreams were all extremely delicious!
Among them, my favorite was with whitish, no light yellowish sauce!
With that sauce, everything became yummy! It was almost like a magic sauce!
When I woke up from my dreams to eat, I was very disappointed with the taste.

One day, my Father told me that he bought several recipes from a certain young lady.
Our employees had made several sauces according to the recipes, but each and every one of them was perfect! Rather, there was the sauce I ate in my dreams too!
When I actually tried eating it “This is that sauce! What is the name of this sauce? … Eh? Ma, mayo, nose…?”
Mayo… mayonaze? … Mayonnaise!?
That very moment, I realized that the dreams I was seeing were actually memories of my past life!
After that, the dreams I saw up until now all connected, my memories got restored all at once and I suffered from a developmental fever.

Different world reincarnation.
I did not think I would experience it myself…
Still, this Cristea Ellisfeed who invented this mayonnaise… is she perhaps…?
With no way to ascertain, the time passed.

According to the rumors, she’s confined in her fief, but she will be apparently enrolling in the academy.
Surprisingly, we are of the same age.
I might have a chance to talk with her in the academy and ascertain whether she’s reincarnated like me.
I was having such thought, but the opportunity unexpectedly came earlier.
Cristea-sama participated in the New Year’s gathering for the first time.
Cristea-sama who made an appearance on that day was a very lovely person.
Her conduct was neat, her curtsy was perfect too. She was a young lady among young ladies, an awe-inspiring Ojousama I feared to approach.

A ribbon has fallen off from that very Cristea-sama’s hair on time of her departure, and I picked it up without thinking.
It took courage, but I did my best to call her.
And then, I got invited for a tea party! I am glad I summoned all of my courage!

And today, I am on my way to the Ellisfeed Household for the tea party.

Ahh, I am so excited.
God, how I hope Cristea-sama is a kindhearted person…

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