Shomin no Aji – Chapter 380

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Request for Tirie-san
… Yeah, well, I was slightly aware that this might happen.
Hahaha… I laughed while averting my gaze from the scene before me.

“I remembered that you said only one or two, but… I got excited and it turned out like this…”

Kurogane in his large Fenrir form huddled in front of me in a sorry state.

It happened the next morning of the day I requested Kurogane to hunt Orcs for me.
When I woke up, I couldn’t find Kurogane.
According to Mashiro, Kurogane confirmed the last night that I was asleep and teleported somewhere away.
After hearing that, I thought Kurogane might have gone hunting, so while I was feeling surprised about his speedy work, I could only have a bad feeling.
As a result…

“He got so many again.”
“… Indeed.”

I somehow managed to reply to Mashiro’s comment while staring at the pile of Orcs in front of me.
Kurogane returned soon after my conversation with Mashiro and when I asked him if he was returning from hunting…

“U, umu. I came back from hunting, but…”

He gave such a suspicious reply, so the bad feeling I had only increased.
As a result, Kurogane took me to a place on our premises with a mountain of Orcs piled up…

“I found a village while searching for Orcs and so I… before I noticed…”
“That so…”

Ah, yeah.
It can’t be helped since he found an Orc Village.
Orc nests that are left alone would grow exponentially, so I know that subjugating them as soon as possible is the best course of actions.
Once before, an Orc Village was discovered in our fief.
I know that when the Adventurer’s Guild received the report, they immediately gathered adventurers and set off to destroy it.
Therefore, Kurogane did nothing wrong.
But, is this fine for Kurogane to exterminate them without even realizing what he had done??

“I will have to bother Tirie-san again…”

Fuu, I breathed out.
I could only imagine the Adventurer’s Guild’s Guild Master, the Big Sis Elf Tirie-san scream “Nyoooo! You kiddin’ right, you did it agaaaain!?”. I am truly sorry.

“… Umu. It will cause trouble for that Elf, but it can’t be helped now. Besides, the Orc hunts have decreased in the fief, so wouldn’t this be a good excuse to resupply?”

Kurogane said while nodding his head. However, this mountain is no different from the number of Orcs exterminated the last time, you know!? Where did he find a big Orc Village like this?
I can’t tell him to return them back, can I?
Let’s keep a third with us, sell another third to the Adventurer’s Guild in the Capital, and send the remaining third to Tirie-san.
Unlike the last time, the demand of bacon has risen, so people might be actually delighted this time, no? … I hope so.
After that, I had Kurogane choose fine specimen to keep for us, then I secured Orcs for Tirie-san and stored them together in my Inventory.
I requested Kurogane to carry the rest to the Capital’s Adventurer’s Guild.
Later, I heard from Kurogane that Tirie-san said: “Agaaain!? N, no. Excuse me. I lost my cool without thinking. It really helps since we were short on Orcs… but you know? It’s certain that we are lacking ingredients, but… why don’t you bring them periodically instead of dumping so many at once… okay?” with a cramped smile while storing the Orcs in his magic bag.
… Tirie-san, I am truly sorry.

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