Alcohol Workshop
The next day, we were taken by Lionel-sama to the alcohol brewing workshop.

“This is it.”
“Lionel-sama!! What do you need from us today!?”

A young man who was a staff at the workshop noticed Lionel-sama and rushed over in a panic.

“Just a tiny favor. Is Nicholas in?”
“Y, yes! Please wait just a moment!?”

The person called Nicholas must be this workshop’s chief. The young man panicked again and ran off.

“Is he always like that?”
“Umu, generally. You see, the alcohol they produce here is a fruit wine made from Kukuru fruit, and ale made from barley. They also make mead from honey bee’s honey.”

After seeing the young man off, Lionel-sama started explaining about this workshop.

“Three types of alcohol?”
“Yeah, that’s correct. Alcohol changes in taste with minor process differences. I like the taste of the alcohol they make here, so I am backing them up.”
“Hee~ a taste you like, huh. That’s making me curious. Can you buy that alcohol in here? Or do I have to visit a store they sell it at?”

It’s my selfish imagination, but I believe that Lionel-sama is someone who fusses over the taste. If such Lionel-sama likes the taste of the alcohol made here, then it must be good. I would like to drink it.

“I’m buying directly from here, but… it’s not a small amount? What is it? Do you want to buy it, Takumi?”
“Yes. I am curious about the flavor of the alcohol here.”
“Hoho, I see. Let’s confirm with them later then.”
“Yes, let’s do that.”

When I said that I would like to purchase the alcohol they have here, Lionel-sama made a delighted face. Is he happy that others show interest in something he likes?

“S, sorry to have kept you waiting!”